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G-SHOCK 6900 Series Round-Up 2015

g-shock_6900_2015 gd-x6900ht, gd-x6900tc, heather, camouflage,
All but one of the watches below is GD-X6900 which is slightly more expensive than the standard DW6900. The GD-Xs are wider, thicker, and feature 10 year battery life, full auto calendar (to 2099), flash and buzzer alerts,and the handy auto “Super Illuminator.” Otherwise they are G-Shock through and through with the durability, dependability, all resin band and case, accuracy, alarms, and timer as you would expect from them. Continue reading

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G-Shock 5600 Series Round-Up 2015

g-shock_5600_2015, casio slash heather floral surf skate

Since 1985, Casio has continuously produced the 5600 series products, over the years making minor improvements and expanding the features and colorway selections. Continue reading

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Swiss Quality & Affordable

certina hamilton balmain stuhrling original august steiner mido watch 2014 swiss quality
These are fashion watches from designers that draw the bigger bucks for significant established brand renown (plus, a couple cheapy beaters, just for the heck of it). Continue reading

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swatch 2014 – Beautiful and Affordable

playero suuj400 scuba $90, swatch switzerland swiss watch, sistem red sutr400 sistem51 $150, rosso fuoco yvm401 $185 irony, carbonata ywb401 big $140, brushed earth ycs4053 irony chrono $160, purple power susv400 originals chrono plastic $120, sobro yvs403G irony $200
As part of their quality statement, Swatch says, “SWISS MADE – All Swatch watches come with the label Swiss Made which embodies a concept of quality that has been forged over the years. It includes the technical quality of watches (accuracy, reliability, water-resistance and shock-resistance), as well as their aesthetic quality (elegance and originality of design). Continue reading

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G-Shock & Baby-G — 2014 Summer Collection

“The once most up-to-date model of the clock continues to be loved” Continue reading

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Mens Pink G-Shock

 GA310-4A , GA110TS-8A4 ,  G8900SC-4 ,  GLX5600C-2, GD120N-1B4 , DW6900PL-4, GD100SC-6 , GRX5600A-4 , g-shock

Pink comes in many flavors: hot pink, baby pink, raspberry, chartreuse, rose, salman, coral, blushing, and you can even “get you some pink”. Here are some samples of available G-shock watches for men in this controversial color group. Continue reading

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Japanese Pop Culture Watch – GA400

one piece g-shock ga400 anime japan culture watch
The youth of the Orient are as hip as it gets. With a blend of all the pop culture from around the world, the Japanese and South Koreans enjoy a richness of fashion, technology, and the arts that no previous generation has experienced. Then they make it their own and from their heritage they add legacy layers that take culture to even higher levels.. certainly beyond anything going on here in the States or Europe. It’s a delight to witness.
g-shock ga400-1a, ga400-7a, ga-400, ga400-2a, ga400-4a, ga400-5a, g-shock, 2014, Continue reading

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Latest G-Shock Fashion – GD120

gd120_g-shock_2014 gd120cm-8, gd120cm-7, gd120cm-5, gd120ts-1, gd120n-1b2, gd120n-1b3, gd120n-1b4, gd120ts-2, gd120ts-3
A new series of entry level G-Shocks is dropping in waves and for those whose highest priority (other than telling the time) is fashion, these new GD120 watches come in bold contemporary colors that will coordinate with your other new stuff with ease. Continue reading

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Welcome to Beaterville

gd400, dwd5600p, beater g-shock,  skateboard, retro, x games, moto, bicycle, classic, 2014,new
G-Shock GD400
With a nod toward skateboarders and other super-dangerous sport enthusiasts, Casio has introduced a colorful new line of extra durable timepieces that enjoy the G-Shock toughness we’ve come to expect with added protective face bars. They have been selling some Baby-Gs with similar hardware for some time now. The look is retro 90’s and this blog expects this model to sell well far into the future. Continue reading

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Buying G-Shock by the Pound

counterfeit fake g-shocks, sham scam, forgery bogus bootleg watches, wristwatch, phony gshock, replica g-shock, knock-off, illegal, phoney

Surfing the web, checking out what’s going on around the world can be so informative that I make sure at least once a day that I spend a few minutes perusing far-away web sites in the Orient, Africa, Europe, South America and even the wilds of New Jersey. And sometimes I make such startling discoveries that I am compelled to share them in one of my blogs with all my friends. Continue reading


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g-shock_awg100_awgm100 awg-m100nv- watch new 2012

So, the cool thing about the AWG G-Shocks is they are not so popular that they are ever out of stock or out of the hands of the deep discounters. As much as each of the dozens of models of G-Shocks (in general) are unique; features, layout, colorways, etc., they are the same – at first glance, you can tell it’s a G-Shock but you won’t know which one it is. The AWGs look like the ani-digi lines in general, with their black plasticky thick bumpy roundness, stubby hands, and cheesy strap, and require closer scrutiny to discern that they are, indeed, not one of the trendy new GA110s, 120s, 150s or 200s. They are the pleather of watches. Continue reading

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GW-M5610-1BJF G-Shock Square Remake of Historic DW-5000C

gw5610-1b retro g-shock dw-5000c 2012 watch
The designers went all the way back to the beginning of G-Shock history, to Casio’s introduction of the first truly shock and water resistant products back in the mid 80’s. Externally modeled after the original (DW5000C), the new GW-M5610-1B is the thoroughly-modern-molly of entry level multi-function digital watches with it’s movements’ happy innovative Tough Solar charging, Atomic Multiband-6 self-time-setting, perpetual calendar, and automatic EL backlighting. Continue reading

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Jason G-Shock G-001CB-1, G-001CB-7, G-001CB-9

jason_g-oo1cb_g-shock new watch 2012

They don’t call it the Jason for nothing – it’s the ugliest watch line in the G-Shock brand. For some reason the design keeps selling and there is a cult following of it that rivals Rocky Horror. Continue reading

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Recommended Budget Watches

stuhrling original swatch hamilton jazzmaster budget watches prestige shoestringersThere are times I am besieged with recommendation requests –
They usually go like this, “I have a budget of $____ and I want a watch that looks ____” (fill the $ blank with 200 or less and the ..that looks blank with good, expensive, classy, dressy, non-digital, non-plastic, etc.). Despite the fact that this blog mostly features G-Shock and other technically advanced watches, the on-going coverage here of affordable dress, utility and fashion products makes people think that there could be an answer here to their selection quandry. “What would you buy?” is often asked: that’s a compliment that I can’t let pass without response. Continue reading


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Beater G-Shocks – (on sale) DE5600E-1V & G100-1BV

g-shock_dw5600e-1bv_g100-1v beater g-shock watch cheap sale

The G100-1BV and the DW5600E-1V are the kind of watches you want to have ready to go when you are about to mow the lawn, go with your buds to play beach volleyball or spend a Saturday at war in a paintball skirmish – when you need a watch and you need it to be bullitproof; literally. Continue reading

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