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Dense Dials – Pilots, Outdoorsmen, Divers

BN2029-01E_citizen diver eco-zillawatch aqualand promaster eco drive

New in the Citizen lineup introduced at the last Baselworld, the ISO certified BN2029-01E is a brute of a watch that is a competent auto start 70m depth meter that will recall the maximum depth and with a rapid ascent alarm. Continue reading

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New Tech ProTrek

ProTrek PRW6000YT-1 — Flagship
Insomuch as it is a premium watch, in the Black Titan Limited series, at the top of the heap of hybrid analog and digital Pro Trek products, this watch has a couple things that make it stand out from the pack. The wearer gets to enjoy the solid feel and lightness of it’s solid titanium band. And as the owner of it he has the confidence that he can wear it without it showing wear and tear since it is ion plated and sports a sapphire crystal. Continue reading

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On July 4, 2014, I hit the lofty mark of one million combined hits: this blog and my youtube channel.Thanks to all of you for checking out my stuff. There will be plenty more, and I pledge to make the content even better as my experience and skills improve, so do come back again.

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Edifice X Red Bull Collaborations – 2014

 edifice efr-534rb-1 efr-537rbk-1a red bull infinity x casio 2014
Casio is a reputable multinational manufacturing company which was founded in the month of April 1946 by an engineer named Tadao Kashio. Today, the $4.616 billion company has its headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan and produces a wide variety of products which include mobile phones, musical instruments, cameras, calculators and, of course, watches. Continue reading

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Casio Prayer Compass – CPW-500H

casio prayer compass qibla adhan muslim islamic 2012 watch
As-salamu alaykum
This blog is always thrilled to announce new and/or clever re-jiggering of existing technologies that facilitate improvements to peoples lives. In the case of this new product from Casio, one could hardly think of a more practical re-application of existing watch features for the millions of Islamic people who can benefit from it. Continue reading


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Jason G-Shock G-001CB-1, G-001CB-7, G-001CB-9

jason_g-oo1cb_g-shock new watch 2012

They don’t call it the Jason for nothing – it’s the ugliest watch line in the G-Shock brand. For some reason the design keeps selling and there is a cult following of it that rivals Rocky Horror. Continue reading

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Krink X G-Shock – Going, going, gone!

Krink G-Shock DW-6900kr-8 collaboration costello kinetics

Krink Dribbles and Runs

It’s not news anymore that G-Shock and KRINK collaborated on a watch. In fact, the watch has been in stores for a couple weeks. So why, you may ask, are we reporting about it now? What’s so special about it?
Click to read more & see the Video

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