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gd400, dwd5600p, beater g-shock,  skateboard, retro, x games, moto, bicycle, classic, 2014,new
G-Shock GD400
With a nod toward skateboarders and other super-dangerous sport enthusiasts, Casio has introduced a colorful new line of extra durable timepieces that enjoy the G-Shock toughness we’ve come to expect with added protective face bars. They have been selling some Baby-Gs with similar hardware for some time now. The look is retro 90’s and this blog expects this model to sell well far into the future.

 gd400, dwd5600p, beater g-shock,  skateboard, retro, x games, moto, bicycle
beater round watch red gd400-4_g-shock_2014
motocross, gd400 g-shock x games f;lying dwd5600p
toni skateboard g-shock gd400 dwd5600 2014

The feature set is all the standard stuff: 5 button operation, world time with 4 city switching pre-sets, 24 hour stopwatch with split, auto LED light with afterglow, and 5 alarm functions with flash. The battery is rated for three years. There are no sensors, tide graphs, atomic or solar features. It is a large watch, at 50mm, but not their biggest.
gd400-3 g-shock 2014 skater x games green watch
g-shock x games extreme bike gd400 dwd5600p 2014
gd400-2 g-shock 2014 beater skateboard bicycle

Retail price is set for the Japanese release at 14,5000 yen (around $150), but I expect the watch price after it is distributed world wide to settle in at around $110 on line and $130 in the stores. This is the sort of product you expect to see in the showcases of Zumiez and Tilly”s, but not at Lord & Taylors or Littman.

G-Shock DWD5600P
Casio knows fashion. Their success with retro styles, 80s and 90s, fuels low end sales with new old-looking products such as the 5600 square styled DWD5600P watches announced in June 2014 and already being sold in the under $70 price point and shipped by on-line vendors such as Joma. This is the watch that Walmart really needs in their otherwise hopelessly boring G-Shock showcases.
dwd5600p-8 x games beater walmart rogervanwart tekubiquity
g-shock watch dwd5600 extreme x 2014
dwd5600p package tin 2014 x games gd400 tekubiquity

Despite the low price, Casio gives us plenty of features and makes this new offering a strong value to those who appreciate and will wear a stylish beater. On those days when you are going out to physically tame the world, this is one rough-n-ready product that will take the punishment and live on for its next call to duty.
dwd5600p-7 g-shock white watch 2014
beater new dwd5600p-1_g-shock_2014

g-shock beater gd400 dwd5600p 2014

Features include: Auto backlight with afterglow; flash and buzzer alarm for hourly time signal, countdown timer, and stopwatch auto start; world time with DST, and a 10 year battery life.dwd5600p-8 g-shock 2014 beater x games tekubiquity roger vanwart
watch red green blue gd400 roger vanwart


g511-1av g-shock 2003 analog digital

Released in 2003, the G511-1AV was warmly received – and even after 11 years, It is still selling well on Amazon garnering positive reviews

Click on the images to enlarge the pictures. Use your back button to return to this post. For those of you who have an interest in the heritage of these products, I would direct you mygshock, g-peopleland, and watchuseek – “the more things change, the more they stay the same”

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