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The Color of Mud

mudman_gulfman GW-9110ER-2JF GW-9300ER-5JF april 2012 g-shock
Sporting distinctive new colorways, the new Men in Military Colors watches are a welcome and practical addition to the mondo-tough mix in the Master of G catalog. The new MUDMAN, in particular, is especially suited to not only the harsh conditions of the military environment, but, color wise, blends perfectly with the ubiquitous mud and sand in the training camps and battlegrounds that the troops often occupy. Continue reading

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G-Shock Collectors Alert, 11 10 11

G-shock GRX5600GE-1 G9300GY-1 G8900A-4 mudman jumbo dumbojump for details and links to large pictures Continue reading

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New G-Shocks September 2011

Several updated watches are announced for release in Japan in the coming months, some collaborations and one new model. Pictured (after the jump) are the new models GW-8900A-1JF, GW-8900-1JF, GW-8900A-7JF, the Men in Smoky Gray; Riseman GW-9200GYJ-1JF, Gulfman GW-9110GY-1JF and Mudman GW-9300GY-1JF, the Nigel Sylvester X Gshock, the GranRodeo X G-shock and the GA-100’s that are a new colorway – all of which are nice but are rather unremarkable. Continue reading

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G-Shocks Sold Only in Japan

japanese jason ga-110 5600 dw6900 gold g-shock

Only in Japan, 39 G-Shock Exclusives

Produced for and distributed in the Japanese domestic market only, these 39 watches are the latest cream of the crop. Read on & Check out the Video


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