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Citizen – New for 2012

New Citizen Watches for 2012
Just listed by most major Citizen vendors, the new models are ready for release on February 1st and it’s a nice batch of products, all Eco-Drive, all substantially discounted. This post discusses a number of the more interesting models. Continue reading

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Sony SmartWatch 2012 CES

Sony SmartWatch 2012
Here is a new watch, soon to hit the market, that will give you the features you really wanted on your wrist. Once you have checked out the video, I suspect you’ll be as excited as I am. Continue reading

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Dress Watches for Men – New for 2012 – Elegant & Affordable

dress watches new 2012 elegant classy sophisticated
Dress watches, by definition, are supposed to be understated; their purpose to tell time (so you know when to make a “timely entrance”) and not to be timing the event with a chrono or checking your heart rate during the operatic grand finale. And like the fine clothing a dress watch would accompany, it ought to be (or at least appear to be) expensive.

Here’s a selection of twenty-five watches that are new in 2012, that are reasonably priced, and will compliment your dress-up gear for that special night on the town, wedding, annual meeting, prom, or black tie event. Continue reading

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..a little out of the ordinary

momentum format 4 chronologic aeromax digital vs1
This blog is about watches that are affordable. Continue reading

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Getting There From Here

tech4o timex casio freestyle pyle woolrich compass watchYou are in unfamiliar territory, your maps don’t seem to be much help, and there’s no one in sight to point you toward a landmark. Continue reading

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G-Shocks – New January 2012

g-shock awg-m100-1ajf awg-m100a-1ajf
Casio has slipped a couple of watches into their January press release – new versions of their AWG-100 line. Logically following their success in the analog – digital products, Continue reading

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