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Stussy X X G-Shock DW5600

stussy dw5600 g-shock watch special edition limited 2014 black white pattern
RAGGAMON stussy_g-shock_white_5 Once again Stussy has teamed up with G-Shock to produce a collaboration DW5600 watch product – this time with a checkerboard theme and branding on the dial and upscale round tin package with the Stussy logo in the backlight. Why they are using Van’s signature checkerboard is beyond me – seems a little pushy, but I don’t know what is on their minds these days. MSRP for the wristwatch is $350. and is still available from their stores.
Another special edition, a DW56w00 in mostly white with black indicia and readout was issued to commemorate the 2014 FIFA World Cup Championship. MSRP for the watch is $250.  A June release, exclusively in their own stores, and at this writing is still available.

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Buying G-Shock by the Pound

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Surfing the web, checking out what’s going on around the world can be so informative that I make sure at least once a day that I spend a few minutes perusing far-away web sites in the Orient, Africa, Europe, South America and even the wilds of New Jersey. And sometimes I make such startling discoveries that I am compelled to share them in one of my blogs with all my friends. Continue reading


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GW-A1000 Aviation Series G-Shock

g-shock-gwa1000-aviation. sky cockpit gwa1030 watch series

The introduction of three new watches in the GW-A1000 (GWA1000) series triples the color options of these more than competent timepieces for owners who desire G-Shock, but upscale. Majorly upscale. Continue reading


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Navy Blue “Military Fashion”

navy_blue_g-shock_2012 watch price AWG-M100NV-2A GW-M5610NV-2 GW-7900NV-2 GW-8900NV-2
So, you’re thinking, “jeez, a Navy watch line? Who’s in the Navy?” I can think of plenty of reasons why “navy blue” is the correct color, even for all of us non-military people. Continue reading

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Eric Haze X G-Shock 30th Anniversary

eric haze ga110-eh-8a g-shock anniversary

Again, Eric Haze has joined up with G-Shock for both a collaboration and to design the logo and packaging graphics commorating G-Shock’s 30th anniversary. Jump Continue reading

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