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protrek prw-2500b-3jf prw2500b-3 casio camaflage

Casio is rolling a new military-ish colorway PRW2500 that will appeal to guys that need their gear to be (mostly) non-reflective. The triple sensor, dual layer, solar, atomic movement – with rotating bezel is familiar technology.
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The Color of Mud

mudman_gulfman GW-9110ER-2JF GW-9300ER-5JF april 2012 g-shock
Sporting distinctive new colorways, the new Men in Military Colors watches are a welcome and practical addition to the mondo-tough mix in the Master of G catalog. The new MUDMAN, in particular, is especially suited to not only the harsh conditions of the military environment, but, color wise, blends perfectly with the ubiquitous mud and sand in the training camps and battlegrounds that the troops often occupy. Continue reading

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Jamaican Rasta Flag* G-Shocks

rasta rastafarian g-shock 2012 jamaica ga110rf-9_g001rf-9_gd100rf-4_g7900rf-1
Collectors should take a good look at this series – chances are that these colorful watches are going to be a very limited production run and therefore highly collectible. (August 22, 2012 – there has been phenomenal interest worldwide in this series as has been indicated in this site’s metrics) Continue reading

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Easy Breezy Colors – New G-Shocks 2012

breezy_colors_g-shock, april 2012, ga110sn g001sn
G-Shock is releasing some new GA110s and a new Jason in April 2012 in Japan in a series of (bluish – whitish) pastel colorways. Continue reading

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G-Shock GF-8250ER-2JF

frogman_g-shock, april 2012</a>
Scheduled for release in April 2012 in Japan, the “Men in Military Colors” version of the highly collectible FROGMAN sports all the features you expect and is Solar powered. Continue reading


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Alien G-Shocks

awr-m100-1a awr-m100a-1a awr-m100b-1a awr-m100a-3a g-shock_2012Casio knows their various markets around the world and adjusts the product lines accordingly. For the Asian arena, they offer a much wider variety of standard Casio and Edifice watches.
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