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So, the cool thing about the AWG G-Shocks is they are not so popular that they are ever out of stock or out of the hands of the deep discounters. As much as each of the dozens of models of G-Shocks (in general) are unique; features, layout, colorways, etc., they are the same – at first glance, you can tell it’s a G-Shock but you won’t know which one it is. The AWGs look like the ani-digi lines in general, with their black plasticky thick bumpy roundness, stubby hands, and cheesy strap, and require closer scrutiny to discern that they are, indeed, not one of the trendy new GA110s, 120s, 150s or 200s. They are the pleather of watches.

The first two pictures below are new versions of the venerable AWG100 that include progressive features by Casio (in their long-range push) to make all their watches less user dependent: Solar recharging (so battery changes are off the table), Atomic time-keeping (so the watch keeps resetting itself) and perpetual calendar equipped (so the watch knows it’s way around DST, 28, 30 and 31 day months). These two newbies bring contemporary, conservative simplicity to the wrist in black on black with white markers and dark metallic blue on black. And, they LED-auto-back-light (a feature woefully lacking on, but not usually installed on almost all brands of analog watches) after dark (smart trick, that!). Also, the two newest, the BC models include better bracelets with button release clasps (a huge improvement over most of the others that only have the resin straps with buckles).

awg-m100bc-2a_g-shock new watch 2012 awgm100bc-2a

awg-m100bc-1ajf_g-shock watch new 2012 awgm100bc-1a

awgm100nv-2a_g-shock watch new 2012 navy blue special limited edition

awg-m100bw-1ajf_g-shock watch new analog digital

awg-100bc-1ajf_g-shock watch upgrade bracelet band

awg-100bc-1a_g-shock watch clasp button side view

awg100bc_clasp_g-shock watch clasp button

awg100bc_back_light_g-shock watch at night 2012

awg-100-1ajf_g-shock watch popular sale discount

awg-100bc-1bjf_g-shock watch popular inexpensive sale price discount

awg-100bc-1cjf_g-shock watch stealth discount sale price

awg-100br-1ajf_g-shock watch rose gold

awg-100c-1ajf_g-shock stainless bezel watch

awg-100f-1ajf_g-shock purple red watch analog digital

awg-100fc-1ajf_g-shock watch green lime dope

awg-101-1ajf_g-shock watch red sale price discount

awg-101f-4ajr_g-shock watch red ip coated stainless bezel dope

awg-101fp-4ajr_g-shock watch red reverse subdials

awg-m100-1a_g-shock watch original discount sale price

awg-m100-1ajf_g-shock watch justin beiber

awg-m100a-1ajf_g-shock watch blue bezel ip

awg-m100a-3ajf_g-shock watch gold special edition

awg-m100b-1ajr_g-shock watch black on black dope stealth discount sale price

Other watches in this gallery have been released sometime in the last four years; some are discontinued, some current in Casio’s catalog and all are continuously available on, eBay, and other watch vendors’ sites at very good prices.

If you are considering one of the AWGs, but not the newest ones, you have to consider, if there’s a downside with this product line? You bet! First and second (and ubiquitous general G-Shock) complaints are the crappy (resin/buckle on most of the models) strap, the bulkiness of the case (at 15mm thick), and the almost indecipherable digital midget read-outs (on all of the AWGs). Meaning; the watch is always uncomfortable, often caught up on a sleeve and case rolling around the wrist like a large bauble on a chain – you go to see what the time is and instead you are disentangling you shirt and staring at the buckle that is where the dial should be. Unless you have perfect vision, you’ll need reading glasses to take-in the digital info in the tiny LCD portholes. Also, the operation of the many features is complicated and defies memorization – so the operator should keep the instructions nearby.

But the real draw to most buyers of this watch is not that it has such a rich set of features, but that it doesn’t not have them. A lot of owners of these megafunctionals admit that they not only don’t use anything but the time and every once in a while the date, and that they don’t know anything about the features, “I bought it ’cause it’s dope..” So, if you’re going to pay $125 for a plastic watch, at least it should have “a bunch of nifty shit it can do.. you know, in case you someday figure out a use for it..” To which this writer says, “works for me.”

These are heart-and-soul G-Shocks, almost indestructible, accurate and reliable beyond belief and completely water resistant. Almost mechanically identical, all models from 2007 to now only differ in the Atomic feature that was upgraded from MultiBand5 to MultiBand6 (which, evidently, is not an important factor for the North American continent) and along the way the back-light became an auto-back-light.
Also, they hold their value. It’s an easy sell and a quick close to eBay an AWG for 50-70% of it’s original discount price (even if the watch has had a lot of use) – especially if you hold onto the original packaging, tags and manual. The Toyota Corolla of watches.

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    What is your latest model of G-Shock Casio 2013

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