G-Shock GA110 Round-Up 2015

GA-110GD-9B_g-shock, 2015,gold,

G-Shock has an ongoing bread-winner with the GA110 series watches. It’s popularity comes from a number of factors, the most salient being low price, rich digital features, a big bold size, hybrid analog-digital timekeeping, a distinctive non-symmetrical face layout, and dozens of attractive color and pattern selections.
For the first half of 2015, Casio released the GA110 watches described below. Affordably priced between $120 and $150, they are a solid value.

Crazy Gold – GA110GD-9B2 & GA110GD-9B
Referred to as “bi-color” combining black with rose and bright gold, these GD versions of GA110 watches extend the flashier side of this model’s catalog attempting to lure the attention of Hip-Hop, DJ, and B-boy fashionistas.
ga110gd-9b_g-shock, 2015, crazy gold,wrist watch
2015 wrist watch, ga110gd-9b2_g-shock
Casio says they are tough and cool with a glittering finish that fits right into the strong-impact-street-scene world of accessories. (released in Japan January – February 2015)

ga110dn_4a_g-shock. 2015, g-shock wrist watch

Dusty Neon – GA110DN-4A & GA110DN-6A
As always, Casio charges ahead with colorways that demand attention. With these two new entries claiming to have “pop,” and “80s retro” appeal, they present us with watches that only the brave would wear outside the house.
ga110dn-4a_g-shock.2015, watch,dusty neon
ga110dn-6a_g-shock, 2015, wristwatch, dusty neon
I, for one, like the colorways but doubt I could wear them in public – well, maybe if i could match up to sneakers, Hawaiian shirt or something.. (released in Japan April – May 2015)

ga110sl_4a_g-shock, 2015, slash, wristwatch
Slash Pattern – GA110SL-3A, GA110SL-4A, & GA110SL-8A
Again, it’s street culture and skateboard park motif that inspire Casio’s artist-designers to give us these pre-scratched looking new watches.
ga110sl_g-shock, 2015 g-shock watch, slash pattern
2015 g-shock watch, slash pattern, ga110sl-3a_g-shock
2015 g-shock watch, slash pattern, ga110sl-3a_g-shock, ga110sl-4a_g-shock
2015 g-shock watch, slash pattern, ga110sl-3a_g-shock, ga110sl-4a_g-shock, ga110sl-8a, 2015 g-shock watch, slash pattern, ga110sl-3a_g-shock, ga110sl-4a_g-shock, ga110sl-8a

This reviewer would agree that the pattern evokes a feeling of intensity and action. The SL series includes several 5600 models which can be seen by clicking here (coming soon). (released in Japan May – June 2015)

2015 g-shock watch, slash pattern, ga110sl-3a_g-shock, ga110sl-4a_g-shock, ga110sl-8a, 2015, wristwatch, tri color, american glory
White Tricolor Series – GA110TR-7A
Suited for summer, the white, red, and blue theme of this model and similar GA201, GW8900, and GW5610 evoke an Independance Day style that savvy collectors will enjoy wearing one day a year along with their American flag tees. This series is recommended for collecting. (released in Japan May – June 2015)

Stephon_Marbury_wears_G-Shock ga110tr-7a

Image courtesy of weibo.com

According to G-CENTRAL G-SHOCK WATCH HQ, “Former NBA star Stephon Marbury was spotted wearing the red-white-and-blue G-Shock GA110TR-7A during his recent visit to Shanghai for a G-Shock-sponsored 3 on 3 streetball event. Marbury, who left the NBA six years ago to play for the Beijing Ducks, led his team to three Chinese Basketball League championships and experienced an incredible career resurgence. He has achieved near god-like status in China with his own statue, musical play, postage stamp, and G-Shock collaboration.”

GA-110PM-1A_g-shock_b, 2015 wrist watch , polarized marble
Polarized Marble – GA110PM-1A
“From the tough and rugged G-SHOCK lineup comes a collection of a new model that apply new print technology to create an innovative design motif,” says the blurb by Casio. This is a limited edition – so, kids, collector’s alert! As a particurlarly dramatic artistic colorway this series also includes 5600 and 6900 (budget) versions to consider for your collection.
ga110pm-1a_g-shock, 2015, wrist watch, polarized marble
GA-110PM_g-shock, 2015 wristwatch polarized marble
The case and band is decorated with a marbled pattern using a new polarizing printing process that shows a different view depending on the viewing angle. The result is an ever-changing look that is both dynamic and plenty of fun. (released February 2015 internationally)

GA-110NM-3A_g-shock_b, 2015, metalic
New Metallic – GA110NM-2A, GA110NM-3A, GA110NM-4A, GA110NM-9A
Strong bold metallic blue, teal, maroon and yellow colorways in this new series prove once again how the GA110 line continues to cosmetically thrive, evolve, morph, and remain highly popular.
ga110nm-2a_g-shock,2015, new metalic
ga110nm-3a_g-shock, 2015 watch metallic green
ga110nm-4a_g-shock, 2015, new metallic,
On this watch, each new color and pattern seems as fresh as when we first saw this design so many years ago. (released in Japan July – August 2015)

GA-110HT-2A_g-shock, 2015 new casio, heathered color
Heather Series GA110HT-1A, GA110HT-2A, GA110HT-7A, GA110HT-8A
In its pursuit to make everyone happy, one way or another, one step at a time, Casio gives us the Heather Series (GA110HT-xA) fabric textured finish watches. Their stated target this time is young people and the theme is classic Parker and sweat (whatever that is??) street fashion. (released in Japan August – September 2015)
parker fabric, 2015, sweat, new wristwatch, ga110ht-1a_g-shock
parker fabric, 2015, sweat, new wristwatch, ga110ht-2a_g-shock, blue
parker fabric, 2015, sweat, new wristwatch, ga110ht-7a_g-shock, blue
parker fabric, 2015, sweat, new wristwatch, ga110ht-8a_g-shock, grey graynew wristwatch,parker fabric, 2015, sweat, new wristwatch, ga110ht-8a_g-shock, grey gray, white, black, blue,

GA110GD-9B2, GA110GD-9B, GA110DN-4A, GA110DN-6A, GA110SL-3A, GA110SL-4A, GA110SL-8A, GA110TR-7A, GA110PM-1A, GA110NM-2A, GA110NM-3A, GA110NM-4A, GA110NM-9A, GA110HT-1A, GA110HT-2A, GA110HT-7A, GA110HT-8A, heather new metalic polorized marble slash dusty neon crazy gold, g-shock,

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  1. Miguel

    Cuanto sale este modelo GA110GD-9B2, y como puedo comprar

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