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CLOT X G-Shock DW6900CL-4

clot_2012_g-shock_watch de6900cl-4 collaboration 2012 edison chen kevin poon
CLOT is a fashion design firm based in Hong Kong. Their collaboration with Casio has produced a stunning red jelly-gummy-like DW6900 that was showcased at G-Shock’s 30th anniversary event. Continue reading

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Eric Haze X G-Shock 30th Anniversary

eric haze ga110-eh-8a g-shock anniversary

Again, Eric Haze has joined up with G-Shock for both a collaboration and to design the logo and packaging graphics commorating G-Shock’s 30th anniversary. Jump Continue reading

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Krink X G-Shock – Going, going, gone!

Krink G-Shock DW-6900kr-8 collaboration costello kinetics

Krink Dribbles and Runs

It’s not news anymore that G-Shock and KRINK collaborated on a watch. In fact, the watch has been in stores for a couple weeks. So why, you may ask, are we reporting about it now? What’s so special about it?
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