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Aviation Series G-Shock Watches

ga1000 g-shock aviation compass 2014
Casio has hit on a winning formula and they are running with it. All analog dial (you know, sweeping hands, subdials, and, except for the newest model GA1000 and a couple of the older, discontinued models, no digital numeric readouts), round case, thick, chunky, and with lots of nifty features, the Aviation Series (aka, Sky Cockpit, Gravity Defyer, Gravity Master) watches appeal to more prospective buyers than you’d expect. Amazon is doing a brisk business with a few of these products. Continue reading

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G-Shock GW-A1000 Smart Access

aviation g-shock gw4000 gw3500 gwa1000 triple g resist solar atomic thermo

Casio extends it’s high end G-Shock product by adding GW-A1000 to the American catalog. Jump to check out the other new “Aviation” models. Continue reading

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New G-Shocks – Spring 2012

gw4000-1a GWM5610TH-1 new g-shock g-aviation thehundreds
G-Shock Brings a New Top-of-the-Line G-Aviation Watch to USA

“If the Incredible Hulk wore a watch, it would be this one”

February 23, 2012 — Casio America Inc. seamlessly combines advanced timepiece technology with high performance functionality in the new G-Shock G-Aviation, GW4000-1A. Continue reading

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Sky Cockpit – GW3000G & GW3500G

Use of copper IP is interesting to see on a G-Shock
big pictures

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