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Dense Dials – Pilots, Outdoorsmen, Divers

BN2029-01E_citizen diver eco-zillawatch aqualand promaster eco drive

New in the Citizen lineup introduced at the last Baselworld, the ISO certified BN2029-01E is a brute of a watch that is a competent auto start 70m depth meter that will recall the maximum depth and with a rapid ascent alarm. Continue reading

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Getting There From Here

tech4o timex casio freestyle pyle woolrich compass watchYou are in unfamiliar territory, your maps don’t seem to be much help, and there’s no one in sight to point you toward a landmark. Continue reading

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Ever Evolving Protrek

Casio Protrek PRW-2500 PRW-2500T

Casio Protrek PRW-2500 PRW-2500T

The new Protrek PRW-2500 and PRW-2500T (for Japanese distribution – PRW2500-1 & PRW2500T-7 in the US) sport altimeter, barometer, temperature and compass functions with the convenience of solar power and Atomic time-setting. Other features include, world time, tide and moon data, 24 hour stopwatch, 60 minute countdown timer, five daily alarms, 12/24 hour function and full automatic EL backlight. The improved dual-layer LCD display technology enhances readability and allows for denser packing of these wrist computers’ copious information.
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G-Shocks Sold Only in Japan

japanese jason ga-110 5600 dw6900 gold g-shock

Only in Japan, 39 G-Shock Exclusives

Produced for and distributed in the Japanese domestic market only, these 39 watches are the latest cream of the crop. Read on & Check out the Video


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