“Black Titan Limited” PROTREK PRW-5100YT-1JF

Protrek PRW5100YT-1JFg prw2000g Pathfinder

Black Titan Limited
This is one sweet watch! Not yet available in the United States, it’s worth going out of your way to acquire. You can get one from several Japanese exporters for around $800. Why do you want one? Because it’s a sophisticated masterpiece with a sapphire crystal, titanium IP band, ABC&T sensors along with all the other important useful features you expect from Casio. Jump for details and pictures..

For the gentleman adventurer – mountaineering, trekking, biking, racing
Classy enough to wear to a formal event – tough enough for a Baja rally
Analog & Digital – minimal labeling, black/white/blue colorway

Titanium Band, Black IP coated
Stainless and resin case
Sapphire Crystal
Neo-Bright lume hands and markings

Tough Solar
Tough Movement
Atomic Timekeeping
10 Bar Water Resistant
Cold Resistant

Auto-Backlight with Aftrerglow
Stopwatch & Countdown Timer
Five Alarm
World Time
Full Auto Calendar
12/24 Hour Modes


Size: 49mm wide, 14mm thick
Weight: 112 grams

Retail Price: 94,500 Yen
Street: $800+

UPDATE: You can still get in on this one – check amazon.com – as of November 1, 2011, best deal published is about $830 with shipping from an American vendor. Remember, this is a Japanese model, so if you get one, talk to the vendor about the warranty and manual before you buy.

UPDATE: A new colorway of this watch has been announced. If you have been thinking of getting one of these, but don’t like the black and white, check out the new one by clicking here.

ADDED: September 15, 2011
The Protrek PROTREK PRW-5100T-7JF is the working-mans edition of this watch, available from your local Japanese retailer for under $700. Watch Tanaka gives us a good look at it and even shows how easy it is to operate the special features. It is an excellent timepiece with a top-of-the-line jazzy elegance about it.

Looking for the PRW-5000Y model (similar production unit for USA market)? Here is the short-link to our review (you’ll have to paste it into your browser): http://wp.me/p1zz65-5f

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2 responses to ““Black Titan Limited” PROTREK PRW-5100YT-1JF

    • Hardcore

      Don’t be a twit!!!! I have this watch. (Not the limited, but it looks so close it’s hard to tell the diff.) Paid about $350. That’s all it’s worth. I LOVE IT. Don’t get me wrong. But the finish rubs off the composite after awhile, the molded bezel where the buttons are and such. and the altimiter isn’t worth a s__t. But it’s one of the most comfortable, coolest, and most functional pieces I have. Once again, I LOVE it. But if you spend $800 on it you’re simply daft. VERY accurate. Within 3 secs after a year!!!!!! (Mine is not a waveceptor)

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