Dee & Ricky GA-111DR-7AJR

_GA-111DR-7AJR_ Dee & Ricky GA-111DR-7AJR

Dee & Ricky GA-111DR-7AJR



Highly collectible
Move quickly if you want one! If you don’t know why, then you should check amazon and eBay to see what has happened to the first Dee and Ricky watch: type in GA110DR.

Just announced:
The Dee & Ricky GA111DR-7A timepiece will be available this December for $130 at Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Macys, Tourneau and fashion boutiques and
So far there has not been an indication of how many will be distributed. At the price, they will sell like mad! This blog recommends; if you plan to get one, move like lightning. We have been getting a record number of views by people interested in this watch – sales will be brisk.

In Japan they paid MSRP ¥ 18,900 -That’s about $245.US

here’s some specifications from the Japanese Casio web site:
Bezel Case material: Resin Band Resin
Shock structure (resist shock)
Anti-magnetic watch (class JIS1)
Inorganic glass
20 bar water pressure
World time: 48 cities (29 time zones with daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time display, replacing the Home Time city functions
Stopwatch (1 / 1000 second, a total of 100 hours, the speed measurement function (MAX1998unit / h, unit 2unit / h), measured switching lap / split)
Timer (set unit: 1 minute, set up: 24 hours, measured in seconds, auto repeat)
Five alarms (snooze function on one)
Full Auto Calendar
Switchable 12/24 hour display
LED Light (Auto Light, Afterglow, Afterglow switching time (sec / 3 sec 1.5)
Accuracy: ± 15 seconds per month
Battery life: about 2 years
Size (H × W × D) Mass /: 55 × 51.2 × 16.9mm/72g

and here’s the (machine translated from Japanese) pitch:
G-SHOCK has support from young people around the world like a street fashion and accessories brand in New York talking about “DEE AND RICKY (Dee and Ricky)” came second series of tie-up with models.

They produce and ingenious pop accessories such as brooches with Lego blocks, G-SHOCK enliven the cultural scene in the world tie-up again achieved .
Like the previous model, the GA-based interface is characterized by a complex combination of various parts of a large case-110 adopted. In addition we are vivid coloring look better in their motif was designed based on the body of the white. The back cover bands and “DEE AND RICKY” logo arranged, they are designed with a special box further.
They embody the unique world of pop, G- SHOCK is a special collaboration-.

[DEE AND RICKY (Dee and Ricky)]
Twin brother who lives in NY, and accessories brand by RICKY DEE. Featured in fashion and music scene, is widespread popular worldwide.

Good to know..

12 responses to “Dee & Ricky GA-111DR-7AJR

  1. Rodrigo borio

    Good afternoon , I would buy , how we started ?

  2. dave

    im really interested to get one to how much u sale them
    please reply

  3. Mike Bentley

    I would like to get one of these great Time Pieces. how can I get my hands on one. Thx you for your reply.

  4. Robert

    Mark how much?

  5. Mark

    I have a couple for sale if you guys are interested

  6. Rozie

    I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! I was BLESSED to call the RIGHT store at the RIGHT time and the Salesperson had it in her hand! She DID NOT know the VALUABLE item she was holding! I am a watch lover and now I am AGAIN SATISFIED!

  7. gabriella

    Can you please let me know what stores or what websites i can purchase one on? ive searched every mall nearby and no luck yet, thank you

  8. cynt

    please please notify me as soon as this beautiful watch hit the stores really really need one for my granddaughter who is dying to get one will be checking my email everyday from now on thanks/

    needy grandmother

  9. Shaun

    Oh, Here it is… specifications! My GOD I love this watch.

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