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UPDATE: December 28, 2012
…This, being the first complete year of reporting, has been a successful, rewarding investment of time, skills, and resources. The result is an interesting blog that has observed the advances of wrist watch technology, style, and industry in a period during which there has been an almost explosive evolution and expansion on all fronts. Casio has been the headliner for two reasons: they lead the pack and they draw a crowd. Otherwise, the focus here has been toward affordable, fashionable (and juried) watches. Many brands are represented. Details about value (investment quality), features (and benefits), durability, build quality, and shopping tips are discussed. This blog will endeavor to do more of the same and better. This author is grateful for your interest.

June, 2011
“Each good graphic helps raise traffic”
Roger creates content: videos on YouTube, news articles for blog submission, technology white papers, and product reviews.

He has a background in computer graphic arts, and has studied fine art and architecture.

“Whether done by myself or under my direction,” he states, “all graphics are Photoshop enhanced as much as possible. People need to be able to play-back in high definition – they want to examine the details. And, all articles are cross-checked for accuracy.

“I put my name on this stuff – pride won’t allow me to publish crappy, fuzzy looking material.” He goes on to say, “..being the best is a daily goal.”

A few of his non-wristwatch related videos that he has created appear below.
The following video is an example of Roger’s work: integrated still and movie clips, text overlay and smooth transitions are professionally executed. Before translation to YouTube’s flash, Roger’s video work is HD MP2 to assure comparability on pad computers, smart phones and even video enabled watches.

“The following video is a little more complicated. I don’t take credit for the photography or video shooting – nor did I compose or perform the music” he says. “My efforts start with the raw video and stills from which I size, crop, enhance (for HD playback) and layout. I consider the layout work to be an important component in the final product and as such, I put a lot of time and work into it. It is not a simple slide show, but an intricate composition that has the duty of imparting a lot of information in as comprehensive and efficient a manner as possible.”

Creating a hit on YouTube

“When I was working on my Idiot Ink video I realized how much I’d misjudged myself. I’m even edgier than I thought I was. Even though I wouldn’t consider having a tattoo installed on my own body, I revel in the ink on others. What doesn’t make it into the video are all the wonderful whole-body masterpieces that are so prevalent in the orient and it’s a shame – I couldn’t believe how marvelous they are. But, the video is stupid tattoos and for two weeks, night and day, that’s what I worked with – half the time wanting to barf, or laugh, the other half being depressed about how moronic so many people are and anxious to get back to doing clips about watches and summer fashions. When I was done, though, I had found a higher plateau of accomplishment and was glad to have worked so hard in those low places that tattoos and their bearers dwell.. another chilling chapter in my up-coming novel; Roger’s Dark Side Guide.

Note: In response to a recent e-mail I thought it might be helpful for visitors to know that this blog’s heavy reporting of G-Shock is indeed self-serving. G-Shock is the 800 pound gorilla in the front row and most of my daily traffic that I enjoy is focused on new G-Shock releases and Casio-centric technincal information. In truth, I am more of a fan of Casio, the company, than I am of their watches and I gladly hook to their bandwagon. They keep the excitement alive through their never ending culture specific promotions, exciting circus-like shows around the world, regular new product announcements, their parade of ambassadors, and their sensitivity to a market that wants collectibles, beaters, technical diversity and products that are “now.” But, there’s plenty of room for all the other brands and I’m always on the search for newsworthy products that I can report about to you.

I was asked about what tools are used here and on my YouTube projects. Well, since 1991 I have been using Photoshop. Today I load my screens with the CC version and often take advantage of LightRoom and Bridge. My video work is mostly accomplished using Premiere and I have a load of utilities for capture and conversions. Day-to-day office work is done with Microsoft office and my current browser of choice is Chrome. Hardware brands and performance specs, if up to the speed and size needs of the programs running, are otherwise irrelevant. I was glad to abandon Macintosh products (decades ago) because I hated the slow, gooey, gummy feeling UI and the high prices of all the products in the world of Apple. And one button does not get me where I want to go. On the other hand, I admire Steve Jobs and his accomplishments above all his peers (except, maybe Gates). So, as far as computer stuff goes, I keep it simple. My most important tool is my brain (code named “hubris”) and I work the living shit out of it; since its release in 1947. It is maintained in a vegetarian housing that avoids fat, liquor, sugar and processed fuels.

Update – February 15, 2012 – Founder’s Disclosure
I was accused of using this blog-site to advertise and sell products by one of the non-staff forum helper members not long ago. That person was wrong – this blog is a labor of love and pride. (WordPress.com does not allow most commercial activity on their basic blog hosting site and I am glad of that) The point of Wrist Watch Spot is to announce, display, and review consumer products and technology in the wrist watch and apparel industries. You can not buy a watch from this site and there are no direct links on this site to selling sites that benefit this blogger. No manufacturer, distributor or re-seller pays to have their products included in any of the articles, sidebars, or links on this blog. I have not made so much as a penny for my work here.

October 13,2014 — Clarification

Done with the punch-clock
— After declaring my retirement (in summer of 2014), I committed myself to this blog, writing articles and posting pictures of related products; i.e., user wearable timepieces and associated accessories. It is now a full-time endeavour.
Its part of my retirement plan..
— The blog is educational, not-for-profit, producing no income whatsoever. To those who are dubious about why someone would spend so much time and money on such a site without compensation, I can only say, “..its for the love of it!” There is, however, a long range plan for monetization of an ancillary site in progress – the monetized site ultimately will benefit from links to it that will be embedded in wristwatchspot, but that is still far in the future.
Roasting the makers
— One of the benefits of blogging without compensation is the freedom to publish whatever I want. As indicated above, I cherish the right to be able to share my own snarky remarks and honest critical reviews of products and the companies that make them. Based on numerous communications from readers, I am assured that my “cynical and sarcastic” slant is appreciated and is one of the reasons that they keep coming back for more – I am gratified that so many people have enjoyed my take on these things.
“..thanks for pointing that out”
— Even more, having received dozens of thank you emails stating “I bought it because of your post” and “I didn’t buy it because of your post,” I am delighted to have helped so many people find their happy-path to the right gadgets.

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  1. Darren khan

    I am intrested in buying large shipments of g-shocks get back to me in a site we could talk and the prices

  2. Isaac Valls

    Como hago compras?

  3. Janice

    I really like your images. Very good designs and I’m looking for posters for my retail shop. Is it possible if I pay you for a few posters?

    • In many cases, I have the original graphics files which are at a considerably higher resolution. If you will let me know which pictures you are interested in doing as posters, I will track them down for you. Also, I will be able to tell you if there are any ownership issues. For right now, I’ll accept your compliment as payment – I would love to see what you do with these images. Roger

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