November 2011 – New Japanese G-Shock

G-shock ga-111dr-1a ga-110fc-1a ga-110fc-2a ga-200-1a ga-201-1a AWG-M500KG-3AJF GW-6900KG-3JF GW-7900KG-3J GW-M5610KG-3JF
New in November 2011 for Japanese release:
Dee & Ricky GA-111DR-7AJR, limited edition ani-digi
GA-110FC-1AJF and GA-110FC-2AJF, new colorways
Army Green series with solar and atomic GW-6900KG-3JF, AWG-M500KG-3AJF, GW-7900KG-3JF, & GW-M5610KG-3JF
Ani-Digi in black, GA-200-1AJF & GA-201-1AJF
Parra limited edition, DW-5600PR-4JR

Dee & Ricky collaborate on Another Winner
A new video clip from Watch-Tanaka gives us an excellent view of this exceptionally colorful high-fashion watch. If this blogs (record-breaking high) viewer traffic count is any indication of how popular this watch will become, I’m fairly certain Casio will sell them as fast and as many as can be produced.

The next couple videos are of watches that have been released in Japan. If the Dee & Ricky is not your cup of cheese, maybe one of these will plunk your magic twanger..

Army Green 5600 (GW-M5610KG-3JF)

Extra Large Video Clips:
Video views of newly released watches can be seen by clicking on the links below:
GA110FC series
Army Green series

On Other Watches That Were Expected..
Missing because of catastrophic flooding in Thailand, the GB-6900 Bluetooth series and the GW-4000 aviation series. And missing (reasons not published yet) are the GXW-56KG-3JF (King of G-Shocks), AWG-100BC-1CJF & GW-2310BD-1CJF watches.

stussy jason g001 g-shock
Stussy adds another special edition G-Shock to it’s “drop-n-roll” (instant, unannounced, come and gone) catalog; a retro Jason model in a retro Tokyo-urban-chic drab colorway. Despite our general dislike of the Jason design, we must, nevertheless, acknowledge it’s value, both as an investment item and as an addition to the bizarre street fashion paradigm that is the heart of Stussy. Similar to Bathing Ape, DGK, KR3W, Zoo York, et. al., they can invent a weird new look, call it dope (or retro) and magically, it is. Of course you don’t mind spending a lot of money on it, too. It is reported elsewhere that the price of the watch will be over $200 and the commemorative companion white cotton tee shirts will be selling for $67 (knowing, of course, that if this watch follows the trend set by previous editions, the value will double in a couple years). “Now, don’t panic, folks – no need to rush the gates – please just form an orderly line to the right”

silas x g-shock dw5600 limited editionSilas patches together a private label watch to sell at ZOZOTOWN for 15,700 Yen, to be released just in time for Christmas. As Silas has imprinted on the band, (for the fashion enlightened but not for the collectibles market,) the watch (IMHO) is a “Waste of Time.” The “good ole” DW5600 was introduced in 1996 and has been in continuous production ever since with some slight improvements along the way – the standard production model retails in the range of $65. This is the second collaborative offering from Silas with G-Shock – the first was even more unremarkable (a shiny black, logo imprinted, DW5600). Oh, well..


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2 responses to “November 2011 – New Japanese G-Shock

  1. Shaun

    WOW, very useful blog! Kudos to the creator… I can’t stop reading. I found it helpful and informative. I love wrist watches and after seeing this I ordered one, the DEE AND RICKY’s G-Shock GA-111DR-7AJR @ Is this released only in Japan for now? I ordered there and will ship to me soon… can’t wait to get it.

    • iamKAZ

      CASIO G-SHOCK Crazy Colors GA-110FC-1AJF is very cool! I ordered one at the Private Import Japan and got it for almost a week! You gotta visit this site and have this unique watch on your wrist without waiting for a long period of time. 🙂

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