Mens Pink G-Shock

 GA310-4A , GA110TS-8A4 ,  G8900SC-4 ,  GLX5600C-2, GD120N-1B4 , DW6900PL-4, GD100SC-6 , GRX5600A-4 , g-shock

Pink comes in many flavors: hot pink, baby pink, raspberry, chartreuse, rose, salman, coral, blushing, and you can even “get you some pink”. Here are some samples of available G-shock watches for men in this controversial color group.

gumbumper, men wearing pin g-shock rap group

ga310-4a_g-shock_2014 pink watch for men
The new GA310 series come with large Arabic numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock for an attractive mechanical look and are available in either basic black or bright colors. It also features a high-brightness LED and a multi-dimensional face design that helps to make dial information easier to read. GA310-4A is an analog-digital watch with pink resin band and yellow/green/blue accents. $150. US
gls8900-4_g-shock_2014 man men pink watch

These new winter additions to the G-LIDE series are destined to become timepieces of choice among top winter sports athletes. The main feature of these models is low temperature resistance (-20C/-4F), which make them the perfect choice for snowboarders, back country skiers, and others who seek their adventure in extreme cold. These models are based on the big case 8900 series, and come with an Auto LED “Super Illuminator” that allows you to activate the backlight with a flick-of-the-wrist for easy reading under harsh conditions. GLS8900-4 is a digital pink resin watch with black dial/bezel and regular LCD. $110. US
kanye_g-shock_pink west mans man watch
ga110ts-8a4_g-shock_2014 watch men man

Crossing the line between fashion and function, the new GA110TS series ties-up with the latest in street fashion. Pops of neon color on the dial set against cool shades of grey on the body, lets everyone know your style is on point and you’re in the game. GA110TS-8A4 is light grey resin analog-digital watch with pink neon accents. $120. US

g8900sc-4_g-shock_2014 mans watch
chris brown, alan cumming, pink_g-shock watch
The new Crazy Color collection dresses up the big case G8900 model in exciting combinations of wild colors. The anodized aluminum bezels make them distinctive wrist wear items. Band loops that are made of semi-transparent materials along with the high-gloss bands contribute to strong visual impact and uniqueness. G8900SC-4 is a digital two-tone watch with pink case, blue band, blue bezel and green LCD. $110. US
GRX5600A-4_gshock_2014 mans watch pink, emenem

“This is the latest addition to the collection of G-LIDE sports watches preferred by the world’s top surfers and action sports enthusiasts. Features include Tide Graph to keep the modern surfer informed of tide conditions. The thin and compact GLX5600 uses semi-transparent resin for a distinctive design that evokes images of the summer ocean. GLX5600C-2 is a digital watch with blue semi-transparent band with pink accents.” $99. US

gd120n-1b4_g-shock_2014 wrist watch men pink
Introducing three new additions to the GD-120 Series of popular big case G-SHOCK models.Starting with a basic classic G-SHOCK design, the digital display is supplemented by three dial window indicators. This along with a semi-glossy band puts these watches in a class all their own.
The colors of these watches were specially selected based on today’s sportswear fashions, making them the perfect choice for today’s active lifestyle.
The faces of these watches are decorated with neon colors that are so popular for today’s sneakers and fashions, while LED illumination produces blue, green, or purple hues to match each coloring scheme.
GD100SC-6_g-shock_2014 wrist watch men pink
glx5600c-2_g-shock_2014 watch man pink color
GD120N-1B4 From G-SHOCK evolving in pursuit of toughness, New color model that uses the big case that symbolizes the toughness design appeared. Body band of black as a color brand, I treated in part to fill the color of the bezel and dial the neon color has become a trend color sneakers, or fashion accessory. The LED lights in purple, I was made ​​to finish the feelings that emit light in the same color as the dial. Combines the coloring and POP toughness design of the force, is the emergence of New color model to shine in the casual scene. Multi-Time: To register 4 different cities replacement and cities can display switch LED backlight, high brightness “Super Illuminator”

DW6900PL-4 Polarized Color Models
Splashes of vivid colors result in styles and designs that recall the best that street art has to offer. The metallic face of each watch is hair-lined for a distinctively impressive look that well matches the G-SHOCK motif.

dw6900pl-4_g-shock_2014 mans wrist watch pink color
GD100SC-6 High-brightness LED backlight
These GD-100SC models feature new shocking colors that make them as much fashion items as timepieces. Band and case colors are coordinated with display colors for maximum impact. These models also feature a low-power Super LED Light that illuminates the display so brightly it appears as if the LCD changes colors. A Multi Time feature shows the current time in any one of four different cities with the touch of a button G-Shock Classic Tough Pink Digital Grey Dial Men’s watch GRX5600A-4 Diving watch, Tough Solar technology, Japanese quartz movement for secondary battery, Positive (dark-on-light) numbers, Tide/Moon Data function (moon phase indicator for specific date; Tide level for specific date and time), 100 global preset tide sites, World time function displays current time in 48 cities (31 time zones), Home city code, 1/100-second digital chronograph measures elapsed time, split time and two finishes, Dual countdown timers, Hourly time signal, Alarm mode (4 daily, 1 snooze), Standard/Daylight Saving time feature, 12/24-hour format, Full Auto-EL backlight with afterglow, Full Auto-calendar pre-programmed to 2099, Digital day-date-and-month display, Digital grey dial with black background, Ventilated glossy pink resin strap with polished silver-tone metal buckle, Glossy pink resin bezel with engraved orange logo, Shock resistant glossy pink resin square case, Polished metal selector buttons, Stainless steel screw-in caseback, Mineral crystal, 200 meters/660 feet water resistant.

Pro Trek

For those of us who watch more closely, Casio’s release of a pink PRW3000 was a bit of a surprise.  The Pro Trek products, currently billed as the mens outdoor watch, are generally more utilitarian having a serious set of outdoorsmanship sensors – we think of the line as the go-to watches for mountain climbing, back country hiking, and the like. So, anyway, here’s a pink one for those who want to zhoosh up their trailblazing gear.

PRW-3000-4B_pro_trek_casio pink 2014 watch

Descriptive text above is quoted from Casio (some translated from their Japanese web site) and product descriptions. Images belong to their respective owners – this blog makes no claim of ownership or authorship – just relaying the news, bunky.

kanye west, alan cumming, chris brown, GA310-4A , GA110TS-8A4 , G8900SC-4 , GLX5600C-2, GD120N-1B4 , DW6900PL-4, GD100SC-6 , GRX5600A-4 , pink g-shock, 2014, wrist watch, elite, gumbumper, new

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