Japanese Pop Culture Watch – GA400

one piece g-shock ga400 anime japan culture watch
The youth of the Orient are as hip as it gets. With a blend of all the pop culture from around the world, the Japanese and South Koreans enjoy a richness of fashion, technology, and the arts that no previous generation has experienced. Then they make it their own and from their heritage they add legacy layers that take culture to even higher levels.. certainly beyond anything going on here in the States or Europe. It’s a delight to witness.
g-shock ga400-1a, ga400-7a, ga-400, ga400-2a, ga400-4a, ga400-5a, g-shock, 2014,

Drawing heavily on popular street-fashion and anime, Casio’s designers craft exciting accessory products (wrist watches) that mash right in, and in some ways push the latest trends even further. This is something Casio is getting really good at, particularly through their G-Shock product lines.
japan_street_fashion g-shock ga400 gd400 gd120 new 2014
ga400-1a_2014,ga400-1a, ga400-7a, ga-400, ga400-2a, ga400-4a, ga400-5a, g-shock, 2014,
g-shock_ga400-4a_2014 tekubiquity roger vanwart editor

Enter the newly announced GA400 timepieces..
Here is a line that ascends to a whole new level – dripping with flamboyant shape and bold colorfulness, the GA400 watches culturally excell. They are inexpensive, loaded with useful features and sport some new tech that we have only seen on more expensive products.
g-shock_ga400-7a_2014 roger vanwart editor , white watch
japan_anime_g-shock_ga400 tekubiquity roger
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Mike Hughes gives us a good look at the white GA400 in his video review. Thanks Mike!

With all the new gadgets that hit the market and our lives every day, convenience and ease of use are becoming more and more important. G-Shock watches are renowned for their best-of-show beneficial but complicated features. Keeping pace in usability is paramount and as Casio puts it, “with a rotary switch that makes it easy to change mode settings like Countdown Timer and World Time just by rotating it. The Timer function in particular can be set simply by turning the rotary switch up or down, without having to switch the mode from the status currently displayed on the regular time display. This feature makes these watches useful for activities like sports training and dance events because users are saved the trouble of constantly pressing buttons to switch between modes.”
g-shock_ga400-1a_back_light gd400, gd120, roger vanwart editor, tekubiquity
Standard features include; five daily alarms (one with snooze), world time with DST and city swapping, 24 hour stopwatch with split, full auto calendar, countdown timer, auto LED backlight with afterglow, 12/24 hour time display, and three year battery life expectancy. The fully digital movement electronically sets accurately the analog hour and minute hands.

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