G-Shock 5600 Series Round-Up 2015

g-shock_5600_2015, casio slash heather floral surf skate

Since 1985, Casio has continuously produced the 5600 series products, over the years making minor improvements and expanding the features and colorway selections. Some 5600 models are good collectible investments. Detailed below are the models that were released in the first half of 2015.

dw5600p_g-shock, 2015, retro, protective bars, disco

DW-5600P series fits protective bars over the face of the already super-rugged classic square face 5600 G-Shock wrist watch. The intended appeal of this new model is sports and street culture enthusiasts – but particularly to active wearers who would be tougher on their watch than normal. Casio mentions skate boarders in their introductory poop.

dw5600p-1_g-shock_2015, fashion durability surfers skaters

dw5600p-4_g-shock_2015, hip-hop,red, protective bars

dw5600p-4_g-shock_back view rear strap protective bars

dw5600p-4_g-shock_back view rear

dw5600p-4_g-shock_side view

dw5600p-9_g-shock_2015 retro watch casio

Fashion wise, the bars over the dial are a rejiggering of a similar 1990’s product – therefore, retro. Retail price upon release in Japan (November 2014): Yen 13,500. Models include DW5600P-1, black, DW5600P-4, red, and DW5600P-9, yellow.

kevin lyons g=shock collaboration artist designer bearded
GB-5600B-K8JF is a G-SHOCK × Kevin Lyons tie-up model (Curated by Arkitip) collaboration. The design is an adaptation of this accomplished artist’s “wall design” motif on the straps and “eyes of a monster” character in the LED back-light.

kevin_lyons_g-shock GB-5600B-K8_g-shock

Special packaging for this limited edition is adorned with similar graphics and color. This is a collectible product and is a recommended investment.

GB-5600B-K8_2015_g-shock kevin lyons bluetooth
The GB-5600B watch features Bluetooth® which links to smart phones and has numerous incomming call and email alerts, reminders, and controls that extend the usefulness of the phone. To make the watch easier and faster to operate, some of the functions can be managed using the “tap” (the face) feature. Music playback controls are also included. For nighttime readability, the “super illuminator” LED back light is robust and easy to operate.
Retail price for the Japanese (released December 2014) version of this watch is Yen 20,000.

gw-m5600bb-1_g-shock 2015 new black solar atomic

GW-M5610BB-1 is the watch to buy if you are in the market for an original style G-Shock and would like it have the convenience of it being radio-control self-setting and solar self-charging. Besides it’s glossy finish, this watch offers no other cosmetic embellishments. With it’s reverse display, the watch is almost completely black on black. At a retail price of Yen 22,000 it is reasonable but not cheap. The product was released in November, 2014, but waiting for the distribution of this watch to spread to Casio’s world market will get patient buyers fairly large discounts.

slash_g-shock_dw5600sl fashion skate parks skaters vans zumiez

DW-5600SL “slash” pattern (mimicking the skid and scratch markings around skate parks) series of G-Shocks is, other than it’s fashionable pattern, the good-ole standard DW5600 base model with reverse display.

DW-5600SL-7_g-shock skater fashion skateboard


DW-5600SL-1_g-shock, 2015 new black watch

Released in Japan in May, 2015 the DW-5600 has a retail price of Yen 15,000. As a limited edition it has potential to be somewhat collectible but certainly not the missing miracle component of your retirement plan.

GLX-5600F_g-shock 2015 new surfer watch

GLX-5600F G-LIDE watches are unabashedly styled and outfitted for surfers (and wanna-be’s). The patterned finish is a camo-like Hawaiian “floral” pattern.

glx-5600f-1_g-shock_2015 floral Hawaiian surfer

glx-5600f_g-shock_2105 republican candidates

Hawaiian floral pattern new fashion watch glx5600f

glx-5600f-4_g-shock_2015 red watch

glx-5600f-8_g-shock_2015 new model wrist watch

Special features include Moon and tide data. Add extra long battery life expectancy and thinner, flatter design for a watch that is hot stuff for soul-surfers to hodads worldwide. Released in Japan in June 2015 the retail price is yen 16,500. This is a limited edition product and as such it is somewhat collectible.

DW5600P-1 black, DW5600P-4 red, DW5600P-9 yellow, DW-5600SL-1, DW-5600SL-7, GW-M5610BB-1, GB-5600B-K8JF kevin lyons, glx-5600f-1,glx-5600f-2,glx-5600f-4,glx-5600f-8,GW-M5610BB-1, g-shock 2015, slash, floral, protector bars

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