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Dover Mall Poll Results

When asked to take a minute and select a favorite from a selection binder of thirty premium watches, these tree pieces got the most votes. Brand names and prices were deliberately omitted. In order not to intimidate the folks who were kind enough to participate, we only asked them to pick based on overall cosmetic appeal – not features, value, size, or durability.

I asked “If you were asked to attend the Golden Globes and were going to be provided with attire and accessories, which would you choose?” The under-thirty-five crowd picked the HD3, the older men picked the Frank Vila and their wives overwhelmingly picked the Jaeger LeCoultre. The Rolex Oyster, because it was too obviously an expensive watch was not chosen even once. Of the sixty people polled, only two knew that the watches were more valuable than their homes.

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HAZE X G-Shock “Hope Japan” Earthquake Tsunami Relief

haze x g-shock hope japan

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Hey G-Shock fans

Casio just announced their new collaboration with Eric Haze, the renowned graffiti artist, turned pro.

A great talent and visionary, his work has expanded to include branding and apparel design including sneakers, t-shirts, jewelry, bags, scarves, belts, hats and accessories. You can see his work on BMX bikes, motorcycles, cars,  mag wheels, and skateboards.
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G-Shocks Sold Only in Japan

japanese jason ga-110 5600 dw6900 gold g-shock

Only in Japan, 39 G-Shock Exclusives

Produced for and distributed in the Japanese domestic market only, these 39 watches are the latest cream of the crop. Read on & Check out the Video


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Mens Club – No Women Allowed

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Check out the video - hundreds of new watches

Here’s a large selection of wonderful timepieces that make strong fashion sense.

Street savvy

Artistic design

Eduardo Milleris

Steam punk


Large Euro Diver Style


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Krink X G-Shock – Going, going, gone!

Krink G-Shock DW-6900kr-8 collaboration costello kinetics

Krink Dribbles and Runs

It’s not news anymore that G-Shock and KRINK collaborated on a watch. In fact, the watch has been in stores for a couple weeks. So why, you may ask, are we reporting about it now? What’s so special about it?
Click to read more & see the Video

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G-Shock Bling – Iced on a Budget, DIY

G-Shock Ice Bling diamond swarovski CZ bexels DIY budget

Save big by installing your own ice

On the street, bling is the king. Combine that with G-Shock and you have the ultimate fashion accessory.
Read on & check out the Video

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Collaborators X G-Shock = Great Investment

It’s a collector’s dream come true – G-Shock collaborates with major designers and manufacturers on an almost weekly basis to produce special limited co-branded editions of their popular watches. Already this year they’ve announced seventeen new products.

G-Shock collaborations logos

17 Co-Branded G-Shock Collaborations 2011

Eagerly awaited, each new release is greedily scooped up by collectors worldwide. Some of the models are distributed exclusively in the Japanese marketplace and are often immediately sold out. Casio, makers of the G-Shock line, seldom announce how many of each model is to be issued, keeping the speculators guessing. And often the co-branded products are available only through the collaborators’ distribution channels. Read on & Check Out the Video

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Sneakerheads Need Choices!

sneakerheads need choices

Sneakerheads need choices

We get it. For any one of a number of possible reasons, not everyone is a fan of G-Shocks. read on & check out the video


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