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Metallic Dial Series – GA150MF G-Shock

ga250mf metallic dial, 2012 new fall, analog/digital, big pictures 2012

Press Release from Casio America: DOVER, NJ, (August 9, 2012) — Casio America, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest enhancement to the G-Shock line, the New Analog/Digital Metallic Dial Series offers a fresh take on the GA150 mens watch collection. The latest introductions offer a sleek look with metallic dials that round out the Analog/Digital collection. All have chronograph functionality with an extra large case and wide face that has defined this collection. Continue reading

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“Black Titan Limited” PROTREK PRW-5100YT-1JF

Protrek PRW5100YT-1JFg prw2000g Pathfinder

Black Titan Limited
This is one sweet watch! Not yet available in the United States, it’s worth going out of your way to acquire. You can get one from several Japanese exporters for around $800. Why do you want one? Because it’s a sophisticated masterpiece with a sapphire crystal, titanium IP band, ABC&T sensors along with all the other important useful features you expect from Casio. Jump for details and pictures..
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G-Shocks Sold Only in Japan

japanese jason ga-110 5600 dw6900 gold g-shock

Only in Japan, 39 G-Shock Exclusives

Produced for and distributed in the Japanese domestic market only, these 39 watches are the latest cream of the crop. Read on & Check out the Video


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G-Shock Bling – Iced on a Budget, DIY

G-Shock Ice Bling diamond swarovski CZ bexels DIY budget

Save big by installing your own ice

On the street, bling is the king. Combine that with G-Shock and you have the ultimate fashion accessory.
Read on & check out the Video

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