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всякая всячина Sasha Snoom

ssaha snoom x g-dhock dw6900 collaboration russia g-sessions

From St.Petersburg, Sasha Snoom is a 25 year old artist with a background in street style illustration. His style is a mix of tag and Roth ala Mad Magazine and so far he’s very into green and gooey gruesome. His G-Shock design won the most recent competition for a limited edition collaboration DW6900. His celebration of the release is memorialized on his Facebook-like page http://vk.com/snoom along with a running history of his many accomplishments and art works. Continue reading

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G-Shock & Baby-G — 2014 Summer Collection

“The once most up-to-date model of the clock continues to be loved” Continue reading

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Welcome to Beaterville

gd400, dwd5600p, beater g-shock,  skateboard, retro, x games, moto, bicycle, classic, 2014,new
G-Shock GD400
With a nod toward skateboarders and other super-dangerous sport enthusiasts, Casio has introduced a colorful new line of extra durable timepieces that enjoy the G-Shock toughness we’ve come to expect with added protective face bars. They have been selling some Baby-Gs with similar hardware for some time now. The look is retro 90’s and this blog expects this model to sell well far into the future. Continue reading

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