Collaborators X G-Shock = Great Investment

It’s a collector’s dream come true – G-Shock collaborates with major designers and manufacturers on an almost weekly basis to produce special limited co-branded editions of their popular watches. Already this year they’ve announced seventeen new products.

G-Shock collaborations logos

17 Co-Branded G-Shock Collaborations 2011

Eagerly awaited, each new release is greedily scooped up by collectors worldwide. Some of the models are distributed exclusively in the Japanese marketplace and are often immediately sold out. Casio, makers of the G-Shock line, seldom announce how many of each model is to be issued, keeping the speculators guessing. And often the co-branded products are available only through the collaborators’ distribution channels.

As an investment, a G-Shock collaboration watch is a sure thing. The special editions always sell out and they always increase in value. One extreme example of this is the “Takashi Murakami Frogman” which went on sale last September for $3,650. Sold out immediately, the watch went into instant “super-collectible” status and is now being hawked on eBay for around $7,000.

So, check it out! For some people, it’s a hobby, and for others it’s serious business. Watch the video and maybe you will want to get in on the action too. G-Shocks for fun and profit..

– Roger, May 16, 2011

Watch Tanaka gives us a good look at the GD-100PS-3JR a G-Shock collaboration with Playset. There’s lots of these available on eBay for $300 and up. Since it is a limited edition, comes with a toy and is somewhat unique (colorway that will probably never be repeated), this blog recommends it as a good investment.

The In4mation G-Shock Rasta edition looks sort of goofy in the pictures (red and yellow and green and black and gold), but in this video it makes sense. Anyone who uses the word “dope” will be in high fashion wearing this one. And, investors take note; this watch is still available for under $200.

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