This page is all about special promotions and short term sales that I find around the internet – I spend at lease an hour every morning going through press releases, known discount sites and international search engines looking for hot deals to help you fill up your watch case with “keepers.” I only report on products that I think are worthy of your attention and your investment.

I don’t know how long these deals are going to last – If you like something that has been recommended, it is suggested that you make the move – pull the string, flip the switch, whatever..

prx7001gf prx7001t-1 prx7000-1 protrek watch rose gold black green flash sunrise sunset

ProTrek Green Flash – PRX7001GF-1

.. and Base PRX7000/7001

From watches2u on Youtube is a helpful unboxing overview of the watch’s package and features with which an owner would want to be familiar (above).

The 7001 has the singular advantage over the 7000 of being imperial (inhg) as well as metric (hpa). In some cases the nomenclature and packaging will be different from market to market – but with the same watch.

And from our friend, Joe Kirk at AZ Fine Time, here’s his particularly comprehensive review of the watch (above).
Sourcing these watches is a little more involved.

green sunrise sunset flash prx7001gf-1 protrek casio watch rose gold blackThe 7000t, titanium and sapphire, is readily available from Oriental dealers in the range of $1,200. As far as the 7001t versions goes, they simply are not available from any of the ususal sources. (Oddly, at the time of this posting, On Time Watch Company had two PRX7001GF-1’s in stock and are selling them for $1,650. and at that price point, this blog recommends the investment).
side view bottom back button protrek casio watch rose gold black Somewhere along the way, someone went to the trouble to give us this translation “The PRX-7001GF is an exclusive model that evokes the green flash of the rising and setting sun. There were only be 500 units of this very special “Manaslu” Basel limited edition model made. This natural phenomenon only occurs on rare occasions, befitting this limited edition model of PRO TREK’s prestige line. The new watches feature a green sapphire element, specifically crafted to be embedded in two of the buttons, while the bezel and band of the watch are finished with black ion plating for a dark look plus rose gold ion plating that evokes the color of the setting sun. These handsome touches all come together to express the beauty of the green flash that can appear at the moment of sunrise or sunset. Just like its base models, the PRX-7000/7001, the limited edition models feature sapphire glass with a non-reflective coating and a Sallaz-polished bezel for a high-quality finish. They are also equipped with advanced sensor functions for compass bearing, altitude/atmospheric pressure, and temperature, which are indicated by the position of the hands, instantly giving the wearer real-time information on the outdoor environment.

protrek casio watch black gold rose green flash sunrise sunsetThey also come with CASIO unique Smart Access system for easy operation, activated by simply pulling, turning and pressing the crown.

prx7001t- protrek stainless steel black white




Eminently easy to read and use, these new watches provide the full range of functions needed for every outdoor situation.”

My thanks to the writer – whoever it was.

August Steiner on Amazon – Hottest Deals, 80% Off!

August Steiner
-July 3, 2011-
Using Swiss quartz movements, 316l surgical grade stainless, and polyurethane, August Steiner caught our attention in amazon’s new arrival section that we scour regularly for hot deals. And this is one screaming hot deal, folks – for collectors, it’s like finding a treasure chest buried on the beach.

August Steiner ASA8903RASA8903R – Huge at 48mm, diver style with three hands, three sub-dials, date window, tachy bezel, and WR 10bar, is more than enough to make the price of $99 a “get-it-now” no brainer.

August Steiner ASA812YLASA812YL – This Military style watch sports synth-sapphire window, huge lume hands and hour markers, calfskin band, and WR 165′ At 43mm diameter and 11mm thick, it’s big, but not too bulky. But the real stunner on this one is the price – you have to check it out for yourself – I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! Here’s your new beater! UPDATE (July26,2011) Unreal – $55 – don’t wait.

August Steiner ASA810BUASA810BU – If you are like me, you put off investing in the dual and triple time watches, as cool as they may be, because you just don’t need to know what time it is somewhere else, right? This watch might change your mind – not only is it a distinctively unique layout, and built the way you want a dress watch to be, but it is so f-ing cheap you can’t help yourself. I mean, really! Swiss quartz, Krysterna, 316l stainless, calfskin and WR 50m – and looks like this for $70 – I’m impressed! (Update July 7, 2011) I just received an email from an old friend out west who has had some experience with August Steiner watches – not the same models being discussed here – and he was excited that he could get a few more of them for his collection at such a rock-bottom price. He says, “I had to replace a battery after about a year, but that was my fault for using the stopwatch so many times. Tell your readers that they can’t go wrong at these prices.” OK, Slim, they have been told.

Trying to find deals that are exciting enough to take the trouble to do all the research, dick around with Photoshop to get the graphics work cleaned up and sized, write an article, ftp, and hook all these links all the way from this dumb-butt blog to the actual page from which you can make a decision, can be a huge pain in the ass and can tie me up for hours (sometimes even for just one watch). But when I find a deal like the Eterna Airforce Chronograph, I can’t help but go fetch a fresh cup o’ joe, pull my chair up close to the monitor and get to work.

It’s hard to know what is going on on the other side of the world behind closed doors. So, I guess. The Eterna company was just sold a few days ago to a Chinese company and that might have something to do with some of the deals that are coming down the pipes right now. Otherwise, no way should this watch be available for this kind of money. It’s a premium five thousand dollar product made by a 150 year old Swiss watchmaker. Go figure.

If you are thinking about a new watch and want something real – something that impresses and is a good investment, this one is worth spending a half hour to read up on it.

Anyway, check out the details on my astore – the link is around here somewhere.. to the left and down, I think..
Eterna 8418.41.40.1106 Airforce Automatic Chronograph

Invicta 1091 Russian DiverJust when you think you’ve had all the temptation you can bear, along comes more. This watch might sell out quickly at this price, so I recommend that you check it out and buy one quick if you need one of these behemoths in your top drawer. This one is a “looker” and for $177 you should not expect this one to be able to take a beating like it’s a G-Shock. And, this is one you have to wind by hand, re-set the time regularly and not wear to work if you are a blue collar kind of guy. On the other hand, this is one of those killer beauties that people will walk from the other side of a restaurant to compliment. It’s huge! At 51mm by 16mm with a wine-cork-size crown cap it will look like a black canteen strapped to your arm. But so what.. the point is that they will all gush over this monster. You can tell them honestly it’s a $1400 watch (it is the list price, after all) and you’ll probably get comments about how that sounds like a great deal.

So why do I recommend it and give it an 8 star rating? Because it’s so f-ing pretty, and so f-ing cheap, silly. As always, click the links in the sidebar to get to the information/specifications page and click some more to make the buy. And if you are concerned about reliability – it’s not that big a deal. It has absolutely no complications, not even a date. A 12 year old could repair this thing.
Invicta 1091 Black Russian Diver
Invicta 1091 Black Russian Diver

Slide rule watchHow can a self-respecting geek not wear this watch to work and make the declaration “Nerd here folks – Look! A real live brainiac among you.” This product may become rare soon. It is not listed among Pedre’s catalog offerings and no longer shows up in other searches – so you may want to move quickly, before they’re all gone. The current “half-price” deal is really attractive, making this the most feature-rich watch on the market under $150. The size, at 43mm by 14mm, is just large enough to be fashionably big, but not so big as to be uncomfortable and unwieldy or clunky. I have not been able to find any actual critical reviews of this piece and have not had one in hand, so I only report it here because it is a mob-scene of features and is priced so low – you’ll have to be the judge of it’s merits and suitability in your watch collection.
More features than a G-Shock
Here’s a video that illustrates how to use a slide rule on a watch (yea, I know, different watch – but, helpful nonetheless)

So if you think these slide-rule watches are as cool as I do, take a look at this deal: Seiko SNAB69 for $239. The regular retail was $575 so it’s priced at a hefty 58% off. It has a chronograph, alarm, quartz movement, with a sapphire crystal, stainless case and band coated black. It is distinctive looking because of the non=symmetric case, face screw near one o’clock, dual crowns and non=matching function buttons – delightfully hodge-podge, the whole thing. If you want to take a closer look, check it out on my astore under “Seiko”
Seiko SNAB69Seiko SNAB69, slide rule cool
Seiko snab69Seiko SNAB69, who needs a computer when you can use a whosywhatsis?

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