G-Shock & Baby-G — 2014 Summer Collection

“The once most up-to-date model of the clock continues to be loved”
“In pursuit of toughness and “G-SHOCK”, celebrated its 20th anniversary this year of the birth “BABY-G”.
Practicality and functionality, combines design characteristics further, I will introduce the latest model of watch that evolve with the times.”

BGA-180-4B_g-shock_g-lide 2014 sunner collection
Loved by top surfer
Extreme sports line”

BGA-180-7B2_g-shock_g-lide summer 2014
Even though it sounds a little silly (the mashed up Japanese translation of their promotional message), we have to admire the G-Shock marketing folks for paying attention to the seasons and the youthful souls who enjoy them. They go on to say,
“Including the top surfers in the world, latest model sports line of G-SHOCK which receives support from the top athletes of extreme sports “G-LIDE” release. Using a big case can be confirmed quickly necessary information among the intense movement and “GWX-8900C” series, is adopted in the base model with high wearability the “GLX-5600C” flat-panel among the G-SHOCK. Including the installation of tide graph is a function of the required surfer, I’m subjected to gloss coating that is easy to wipe off wax be attached to the band and body. To support the riding in the sea around the world “G-LIDE” charm that can work a wide range of street fashion from extreme sports.”

Another thing that seems to make sense is the coordinated release of the Baby-G products at the same time as the G-Shocks in somewhat unified collections. Makes for a more dramatic event-like announcement.

So, moving on, here’s the rest of their (translator hash-mash) Baby-G pitch for their summer releases.



“Enjoy the summer in active
for Summer Girl”


“Including the surf scene, the new model sports line of BABY-G to be loved in the active scene of a variety of “G-LIDE” analog models “BGA-180” digital model “BGD-180” lineup. The flair of the ’90s, adopted red and neon yellow and blue coloring, sporty finish that seems to BABY-G. The band, in addition to became a point of the design by excellent wear resistance, was fitted with a lag protection which adopted a special material “Fine Resin” scratch resistant, the new Shock structure to mitigate the impact from the rear surface I realize. Recommended for girls to play with the active summer combines fashion functionality and the “G-LIDE”.”



So you might have noticed that the Baby-Gs are where the G-Shock description is and the G-Shocks are where the Baby-G text is. Well folks, it’s late and I don’t have the energy to spend another hour sorting it out. Besides, you’all never read this shit anyway. As proof of that, in fact, about a year ago, I had a free G-Shock to give to the first person to comment/reader their opinion on a certain post – evidently no one read that far down because I still have the watch – an ugly ass Jamaican Jason. Good night.

GWX-8900D-2_g-shock_g-lide summer 2014 collection tekubiquity
BGA-180-4B, BGA-180-7B2, BGD-180-2, g-shock, g-lide, 2014, summer collection, surfer surfing, skateboard, tekubiquity, BGD-180-3, GLX-5600C-1, GLX-5600C-2, GWX-8900C-3, GWX-8900D-2

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One response to “G-Shock & Baby-G — 2014 Summer Collection

  1. romi

    you still have that free g-shock to give away? 🙂

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