HAZE X G-Shock “Hope Japan” Earthquake Tsunami Relief

haze x g-shock hope japan

follow the jump below for the video

Hey G-Shock fans

Casio just announced their new collaboration with Eric Haze, the renowned graffiti artist, turned pro.

A great talent and visionary, his work has expanded to include branding and apparel design including sneakers, t-shirts, jewelry, bags, scarves, belts, hats and accessories. You can see his work on BMX bikes, motorcycles, cars,  mag wheels, and skateboards.

If you travel around New York  you’ve probably seen  some of his train and tunnel tags, still there since the 80’s.

Eric Haze hope Japan G-Shock DW6900FS-8HJ G7900A-7HJ GA110C-7AHJ

You can even own his fine art, presuming you can afford it, in the form of silkscreen prints and paintings to hang on your walls.

Eric is important in the youth culture movement – a founding father to streetwear fashion And Casio, in their wisdom and great sense of style has again hooked up, for the fourth time. to collaborate with Eric; but this time for their most altruistic project yet: the Japan disaster relief effort.

Check out the video!

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Also, if you want to see more pictures of the DW6900 in close-up and the package, tin and all, click this link to go over to mygshock.com
And, Sjors has posted his review of the 6900 version in his 50-Gs column that you can look at (click) here

Eric Haze designed the logo for G-Shock 30th anniversary special limited watches

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