Pro Trek – Affordable New Hi-Tech

PRG-300_pro_trek_2015 new
The Pro Trek PRG-300 Series
PRG-300-1A2, positive display, black with blue accents
PRG-300-1A2_protrek_2015 wrist watch casio black white
PRG-300-1A4, positive display, black with hot pink accents
hot pink new pro trek PRG-300-1A4_protrek_2015
PRG-300-1A9, negative display, black with yellow accents
yellow and black pro trek new model watch PRG-300-1A9_protrek_2015
PRG-300-7, negative display, white with black accents
new ppro trek wrist watch spot PRG-300-7_protrek_2015
PRG-300CM-3, negative display, black case, green accents, green camo strap
new model wrist watch spot PRG-300CM-3_protrek_2015 camo camouflage green
PRG-300CM-4, positive display, black case, orange accents, orange camo strap
PRG-300CM-4_protrek_2015 new design pro trek orange camo camouflage sensor sport watch spot
In the Pro Trek line, the PRG300 models offer a lot of features for the reasonable price of Yen 26,000 (the camo styled CM watches are Yen 29,000). What makes this model important is it’s inclusion of solar charging. That might not seem important as you are reading this review, but it is when you are considering one of these for yourself.. you just can’t buy a watch with all these power hungry features without self charging – “just don’t seem right.”
So, anyway, this line does what all good little Pro Treks are expected to do; altimeter, barometer, compass, temperature – plus, sunrise/sunset time display, five alarms, timer, 1000 hour stopwatch, auto calendar, switchable 12/24 hour display, full auto LED back-light “super illuminator” with afterglow and world time. At under 13mm the watch is reasonably thin and at 47mm not overwhelmingly wide on your wrist. One caveat to note: you’ll have to put up with a shitty plastic strap. Oh, well..
Do some shopping. These being mostly general distribution products, there’s usually available one or two of the basic colorways that you can get on-line at a deep discount.

protrek pro trek, PRG-300-1A2, PRG-300-1A4, PRG-300-1A9, PRG-300-7,PRG-300CM-3,PRG-300CM-4, 2015 new, budget, solar charge

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