Krink X G-Shock – Going, going, gone!

Krink G-Shock DW-6900kr-8 collaboration costello kinetics

Krink Dribbles and Runs

It’s not news anymore that G-Shock and KRINK collaborated on a watch. In fact, the watch has been in stores for a couple weeks. So why, you may ask, are we reporting about it now? What’s so special about it?

This is the first watch from G-Shock to have a full mirrored face and display. Krink founder, Craig Costello, a.k.a, “KR” somehow got G-Shock to omit all of the indicia from the inner ring making this the cleanest looking G-Shock watch ever. The finish on the band and bezel is a metallic matte silver and if that’s not clean enough for you, even the box and commemorative “keeper” tin are silver-on-silver. No color was used in the production of this special “X” limited edition.

Of course, it has all the expected DW6900 features; alarms, stopwatch and countdown timer, electroluminescent back-light, and is all-but-bullet-proof, etc. etc., but that’s not what’s important about it..

The Krink X G-Shock watch collaboration is historic. It is one of those collectible pieces that sells out almost instantly and goes up insanely in value. If you can find this model at one of the big box stores that carries it, buy all they have left. In a few weeks you can put them up on eBay for two or three times what you paid. Act fast – you have been warned.

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