GW-M5610-1BJF G-Shock Square Remake of Historic DW-5000C

gw5610-1b retro g-shock dw-5000c 2012 watch
The designers went all the way back to the beginning of G-Shock history, to Casio’s introduction of the first truly shock and water resistant products back in the mid 80’s. Externally modeled after the original (DW5000C), the new GW-M5610-1B is the thoroughly-modern-molly of entry level multi-function digital watches with it’s movements’ happy innovative Tough Solar charging, Atomic Multiband-6 self-time-setting, perpetual calendar, and automatic EL backlighting.

gw5610-1b_dw-5000c retro watch g-shock square original 1983 2012
This rock solid, uber-reliable watch, it’s aesthetic a meandering fashion trail back to the days of Baywatch, Wayne Newton and Pong, is re-invented and is as relevant today as it was on the wrist of President Ronald Reagan. And it is more useful now with it’s five alarms (one with snooze), twenty-four hour (1/20 seconds) stopwatch with split, world time & UTC, 12 or 24 hour switchable (military) clock, and twenty-four hour countdown timer.

gw5610-1b_g-shock retro watch dw5000c dw-5000c 1983 2012 new

GW-5000-1JF – An Alternative
If you like the idea of an old face with the latest technology hiding behind it – and you want a more sophisticated package, but don’t mind spending about twice as much, then the black DLC coated metal case, “made in Japan,” GW5000 may be for you. Like the original DW-5000, this watch has a historically correct screw-down back and unlike the earlier G-Shocks, this one sports a comfortable soft urethane band.
gw-5000_g-shock the one watch dw-5000c dw5600 gw5000 new
Special thanks to for the excellent video of this iconic timepiece.

Always in the Catalog
The DNA starts in the DW5000C and twists, curls and mutates through the 5600 watches over the 30 years since it was born. The digital watches of the world are all always compared to this benchmark line.dw5600_g-shock_2012 gallery of watches wrist watch square new old Even today, it is no surprise that a brand new line of “smart watches” are the same form factor, but with more contemporary colorways and relative read-outs.g-shock_gb-5600aa-5 smart watch android apple iphone samsung galaxy

The GWm5610 is to be released in Japan first at 20,000 yen and we expect soon thereafter a world wide distribution will occur. This blog expects this model to become one of Casio’s standard high-production products which will be on the books for the next couple years.

gw5610-1b_retro_dial face 2012 atomic solar new watch g-shock

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