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PROTREK PRX-7000ST-7 PRW-5050R-7 PRW-5100B-5 PRW-S2500-1 PRW-S5100-1 2012

PROTREK PRX-7000ST-7 PRW-5050R-7 PRW-5100B-5 PRW-S2500-1 PRW-S5100-1 2012
Casio doesn’t roll out budget ProTreks anymore: just flagships. This group of new entries (being released in Japan) presents some new colorway options and some welcome improvements in materials used in their construction. Continue reading

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G-Shock GW-A1000 Smart Access

aviation g-shock gw4000 gw3500 gwa1000 triple g resist solar atomic thermo

Casio extends it’s high end G-Shock product by adding GW-A1000 to the American catalog. Jump to check out the other new “Aviation” models. Continue reading

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Garish Black G-Shocks

dw6900bw-1 AWGM100BW-1A  GA150BW-1A GA200BW-1A,  GD100BW-1, GW9110BW-1, GW9200BWJ-1
New for May in Japan, Casio is releasing a new colorway that spans most of their most popular G-Shock models: Garish Black. Continue reading

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G-Shock DW6900SN – New Colorways, No New Features

DW6900SN-1JF DW6900SN-3JF DW6900SN4JF DW6900SN-7JF
So, once again, G-Shock releases a new series of 6900’s; this one called the “Matt Dial Series” commemorating their discovery of the renowned matte finish. The bezel is glossy and the band is matte; typically mixing the finishes up a bit. Actually, the news is that these watches sport new colorways. And the even better good news is that there are no new features – nothing to confuse color-matching-sneakerheads and collectors who have no use for features anyway.

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HAZE X G-Shock “Hope Japan” Earthquake Tsunami Relief

haze x g-shock hope japan

follow the jump below for the video

Hey G-Shock fans

Casio just announced their new collaboration with Eric Haze, the renowned graffiti artist, turned pro.

A great talent and visionary, his work has expanded to include branding and apparel design including sneakers, t-shirts, jewelry, bags, scarves, belts, hats and accessories. You can see his work on BMX bikes, motorcycles, cars,  mag wheels, and skateboards.
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