Rescue Orange Series

rescue_orange_g-shock awg-m100mr-4a,dw-d5500mr-4, gw-m5600mr-4a, ga110mr-4a, awg-m510mr-4a
In a fashion-wise and fitting move, Casio is releasing an all orange (band and case around black dials with white indicia) mixed set of slightly vintage style watches called the Rescue Orange Series.
awg-m100mr-4a, g-shock watch rescue orange
On their well established base models, the GW-M5600MR-4A, AWG-M100mr-4A and the AWG-M510MR-4A which are atomic and solar enhanced, the DW-D5500MR-4, a budget throw-back digital, and the ever popular analog-digital GA110MR-4A, these five products tend to breath new life into older technology that we have become accustomed to seeing in come-back after come-back over the years.
awg-m510mr-4a, g-shock watch rescue orange
dw-d5500mr-4_g-shock watch rescue orange
GA-110MR-4A_g-shock rescue orange watch
Gw5600MR-4A_g-shock watch rescue orange red

Kudos to Casio for their meaningful recycling of old movements and familiar feature sets into an exciting, high contrast, vibrant new colorway.

awg-m100mr-4a,dw-d5500mr-4, gw-m5600mr-4a, ga110mr-4a, awg-m510mr-4a, Rescue Orange Series, g-shock watch, 2014 fashion, tekubiquity, roger vanwart, halloween

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