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Men in Rescue Red — Red Rescue G-Shock Watches

Gulfman GW9110RD-4, Rangeman GW9400RD-4, Mudman GW9300RD-4 , men in red rescue, The three new watches using this specific colorway are the Gulfman GW9110RD-4 (MSRP ¥ 27,000), the Mudman GW9300RD-4 (MSRP ¥ 23,000)and the Rangeman GW9400RD-4 (MSRP ¥ 48,000) and all are atomic and solar. bullhorn megaphone g-shock rescue red watchesThe Gulfman specializes in tide information, the Mudman has a digital compass, and the Rangeman has the new “triple sensor” technology. Continue reading

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PROTREK PRX-7000ST-7 PRW-5050R-7 PRW-5100B-5 PRW-S2500-1 PRW-S5100-1 2012

PROTREK PRX-7000ST-7 PRW-5050R-7 PRW-5100B-5 PRW-S2500-1 PRW-S5100-1 2012
Casio doesn’t roll out budget ProTreks anymore: just flagships. This group of new entries (being released in Japan) presents some new colorway options and some welcome improvements in materials used in their construction. Continue reading

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Tissot on Sale – Sporty, Swiss Stuff

Tissot T-Touch T0134201720700 T0274171705100 T33786893 T0104171703103 T0015204409100 T0264201728103 T0114171704100 T0564202704100 NASCAR
Tissot, a Swiss company, has been making fine watches for 150 years. They use ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse movements. Recently, while researching dive gauge watches I came across these pieces, noticed how remarkably reasonable the prices were on amazon.com and spent the rest of the day assembling this list of multi-function watches for you folks to check out. If you’re a fan of high-tech goodies like I am, you’ll be impressed by all the clever innovations that make these watches technically superior and worth your investment. Tissot is right there with the Japanese when it comes to useful sporty complications but without all the lumpy plastic cases and buttons – the T-Touch operation makes it so much easier to directly access all the features.
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“Black Titan Limited” PROTREK PRW-5100YT-1JF

Protrek PRW5100YT-1JFg prw2000g Pathfinder

Black Titan Limited
This is one sweet watch! Not yet available in the United States, it’s worth going out of your way to acquire. You can get one from several Japanese exporters for around $800. Why do you want one? Because it’s a sophisticated masterpiece with a sapphire crystal, titanium IP band, ABC&T sensors along with all the other important useful features you expect from Casio. Jump for details and pictures..
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G-Shock Bling – Iced on a Budget, DIY

G-Shock Ice Bling diamond swarovski CZ bexels DIY budget

Save big by installing your own ice

On the street, bling is the king. Combine that with G-Shock and you have the ultimate fashion accessory.
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