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Jason G-Shock G-001CB-1, G-001CB-7, G-001CB-9

jason_g-oo1cb_g-shock new watch 2012

They don’t call it the Jason for nothing – it’s the ugliest watch line in the G-Shock brand. For some reason the design keeps selling and there is a cult following of it that rivals Rocky Horror. Continue reading

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ProTrek PRW-5100YT-1CJF & PRW-2500YT-1JF

prw-5100yt-1c_prw-2500yt-1 new watch price 2012
Casio’s October, 2012 product releases include two new colorways for best selling ProTreks: PRW-5100YT-1CJF and PRW-2500YT-1JF. Continue reading

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Navy Blue “Military Fashion”

navy_blue_g-shock_2012 watch price AWG-M100NV-2A GW-M5610NV-2 GW-7900NV-2 GW-8900NV-2
So, you’re thinking, “jeez, a Navy watch line? Who’s in the Navy?” I can think of plenty of reasons why “navy blue” is the correct color, even for all of us non-military people. Continue reading

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Rose Gold Analog G-Shock – GAC100RG-7A

gac100rg-7a ga110rg-1 ga110rg-7 ga200rg rose gold g-shock casio watch 2012
Casio’s twists and turns in style, mechanics and distribution are enough to make a blogger dizzy. The new GAC-100RG in white and rose gold is anomolous in the bigger scheme – all analog, a technological back step with three subdials, a large second hand, a screw down crown, and an old-fashioned (circular disk) date window and this writer wonders, “where did this come from?” Continue reading


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Seiko Astron GPS Solar

seiko astron gps solar sast001 sast003 sast005 sast007 sast009 sast011
The uber-conservative Seiko Watch Corporation seldom announces a really new model and even less often a new technology for their products. Business as usual is round watches with hands and a few basic complications, better than average build quality, and reasonable pricing. But back in March they gave the world a glimpse at their new Astron watches, and we who watch these things all said,”cool, worth the wait.” This new series is supposed to be rolling out as of September 27, 2012. Continue reading

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Rose Gold Edifice – EQWM1100CG-1, EQS500CG-1A, and EFR516PG-1AV

edifice_black_rose_gold EQWM1100CG-1 EQS500CG-1A EFR516PG-1AV
In what is sort of a reverse announcement, the new Edifice “Black Label Collection” Rose Gold series watches unexpectedly appeared among the USA press releases without previously being announced in Japan. We who follow the watchmaker’s news and try to make sense of it all are again tossed into the mystery meandering vortex of Casio’s vigorous marketing, are again shaking our heads and saying, “go figure.” Continue reading


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New Red Bull X Edifice EQW-A1100RB & EQS-A500RB

eqs-a500rb_eqw-a1100rb red bull edifice casio webber vettel


Being anticipated as a highly desired collectible, this new special edition Casio Edifice watch is already begun (pre-order) sales at about $400 over it’s $800 MSRP in Japan. Continue reading


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Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

apple iphone 5 plan vs. samsung galaxy s 3This post covers pros and cons of the new iPhone, comparison of the Samsung GS3 to the iPhone and a list of watches that will work with these phones. Continue reading

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By Architects — Edgy, Artsy Watch Design

projects watches 2012 moma architect designer budget art gallery
You have a divers watch to go with your sports and summer outfits, a black dress watch to go with your dark suits and another white and brown dress watch to go with business attire. Of course, you’ve got a couple beaters for those days when you have to work or play hard enough to damage a regular watch. Your little collection includes a G-Shock and you have no idea why you bought it – seemed like a good idea at the time. But you don’t have a really cool, unique designer watch to wear to the new art gallery opening that wifey is so intent on going to this weekend. Continue reading

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G-Shock for Apple iPhone 4S – Announced – GB-5600AA & GB-6900AA

gb-5600aa_gb-6900aa_iphone 4s 5 apple g-shock bluetooth smart watch
Compatability with the Apple 4S iOS 5.1.1 is the most important new element in Casio’s run at the worldwide “smart watch” market. (Their first product, announced almost a year ago, the GB6900, was limited to MEDIAS phones, and therefore irrelevant to all but the Japanese market.) Now, hitching their wagon to the immensly successful iPhone, with it’s upscale, techno-savvy owner-base, is a strong play. and the timing, considering that the Apple iPhone 5 is about to be unleashed, is brilliant. Continue reading

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Seiko “Baby Monster” SNZF49 — Midnight Madness Sale — $96

snzf45 seiko baby monster sale bargain budget orange
Available from for only $95.30 (including shipping). This new (mid-2011) well appointed Seiko SNZF49K1 dive watch is often referred to as the Baby Monster because it looks a lot like the extremely popular Seiko “Orange Monster.” Continue reading

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Recommended Budget Watches

stuhrling original swatch hamilton jazzmaster budget watches prestige shoestringersThere are times I am besieged with recommendation requests –
They usually go like this, “I have a budget of $____ and I want a watch that looks ____” (fill the $ blank with 200 or less and the ..that looks blank with good, expensive, classy, dressy, non-digital, non-plastic, etc.). Despite the fact that this blog mostly features G-Shock and other technically advanced watches, the on-going coverage here of affordable dress, utility and fashion products makes people think that there could be an answer here to their selection quandry. “What would you buy?” is often asked: that’s a compliment that I can’t let pass without response. Continue reading


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Kids’ Cell Phone with Parental GPS Tracking – Chinavasion CVXO-M289

child tracking gps phone watch chinavasion
Kids’ Cell Phone with Parental GPS Tracking – Chinavasion CVXO-M289

While it’s the policy of this blog not to delve into or report about products that are Chinese AND are not distributed, serviced, or suported in the USA, this one product wants to be brought to the attention of protective doting parents everywhere. Why? because it’s such a good idea. Continue reading


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