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Fake G-Shock Watches


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Proliferation of counterfeit watches is increasing and acceptance of it (amazon, eBay, et al) is abominable. These examples are part of a full catalog of G-Shock look-alikes. These rip-off artists not only do such a comprehensive job of covering all the best sellers, they do so with impunity on a full blown website – features, benefits, pictures, company profile, the works. It is not this blogs responsibility to police this illicit activity but it sure is important to us that none of our readers get sucked into a bad buy. Don’t buy this shit, folks.


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Think yours is a fake?

Should you need to compare your G-shock with known knock-offs, click on the “Mysteries of the Orient” image to the right. We have about 120 examples so far and are accumulating more all the time. Other sources of information about counterfeit products are mygshock.com and watchuseek.com.

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Buying G-Shock by the Pound

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Surfing the web, checking out what’s going on around the world can be so informative that I make sure at least once a day that I spend a few minutes perusing far-away web sites in the Orient, Africa, Europe, South America and even the wilds of New Jersey. And sometimes I make such startling discoveries that I am compelled to share them in one of my blogs with all my friends. Continue reading


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