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Mens Pink G-Shock

 GA310-4A , GA110TS-8A4 ,  G8900SC-4 ,  GLX5600C-2, GD120N-1B4 , DW6900PL-4, GD100SC-6 , GRX5600A-4 , g-shock

Pink comes in many flavors: hot pink, baby pink, raspberry, chartreuse, rose, salman, coral, blushing, and you can even “get you some pink”. Here are some samples of available G-shock watches for men in this controversial color group. Continue reading

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Movado – beyond the dot

movado dress watch timepiece dress fashion
You have to admit, when Movado steps outside their self-imposed box (the Bauhous inspired one large dot at the top, with no hour markers, aka “Museum Watch”), Continue reading

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Rose Gold Edifice – EQWM1100CG-1, EQS500CG-1A, and EFR516PG-1AV

edifice_black_rose_gold EQWM1100CG-1 EQS500CG-1A EFR516PG-1AV
In what is sort of a reverse announcement, the new Edifice “Black Label Collection” Rose Gold series watches unexpectedly appeared among the USA press releases without previously being announced in Japan. We who follow the watchmaker’s news and try to make sense of it all are again tossed into the mystery meandering vortex of Casio’s vigorous marketing, are again shaking our heads and saying, “go figure.” Continue reading


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Dark Knight & Bane X Diesel

batman, diesel, 2012 limited edition, sba, bane, dark knight rises,Batman checks the time on his new self-commemorating limited edition watch and decides it’s time to knock off the crime-fighting for the night, go home, get the armor off, get into his special edition jammies and sit back with the latest issue of Field and Stream. Continue reading


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