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Dark Knight & Bane X Diesel

batman, diesel, 2012 limited edition, sba, bane, dark knight rises,Batman checks the time on his new self-commemorating limited edition watch and decides it’s time to knock off the crime-fighting for the night, go home, get the armor off, get into his special edition jammies and sit back with the latest issue of Field and Stream. Continue reading


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Collector Alert

Always looking for deals, I found some incredible discounts on some extremely nice watches at watchismo.com and thought I’d alert you all to the promotion. Some of the discounts are as large as 76% off – much more, by far, than I could find on any other website.
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Sneakerheads Need Choices!

sneakerheads need choices

Sneakerheads need choices

We get it. For any one of a number of possible reasons, not everyone is a fan of G-Shocks. read on & check out the video


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