G-SHOCK 6900 Series Round-Up 2015

g-shock_6900_2015 gd-x6900ht, gd-x6900tc, heather, camouflage,
All but one of the watches below is GD-X6900 which is slightly more expensive than the standard DW6900. The GD-Xs are wider, thicker, and feature 10 year battery life, full auto calendar (to 2099), flash and buzzer alerts,and the handy auto “Super Illuminator.” Otherwise they are G-Shock through and through with the durability, dependability, all resin band and case, accuracy, alarms, and timer as you would expect from them.

g-shock_gd-x6900tc-5, tiger stripe camouflage, tan gray grey g-shock watch
GD-X6900TC Tiger Stripe Camo G-Shock
One could speculate that the TC in its nomenclature refers to “Tiger Camouflage.” Casios’ description (in the translated Japanese) also includes references to duck, troops, military, jungle, tropical rain forest,and casual fashion.
gd-x6900tc-5_g-shocktiger stripe camo camouflage grey gray blue tan g-shock 2015
2015 tiger pattern camouflage gd-x6900tc_g-shock
But whatever it is that draws you to it, know that the GD-X watch is the largest 6900 layout and that it benefits from the G-Shock durability, 10 year battery life and extra readable “Super Illuminator” back-lighting. Released near the end of 2014 in Japan,this series has a retail price of Yen 17,500.
gd-x6900tc-8_g-shock camo camouflage tiger stripe fashion 2015

GD-X6900CM_g-shock camo camouflage tiger stripe
gd-x6900tc_g-shock_package tin holder 2015 tiger camo
Recently these watches have shown up on the big shopping sites in the range of $90 to $100.

gd-x6900sp-1_g-shock_2015 fashion shoes sneakers supra dots
GD-X6900SP-1 Supra X G-shock
The illustrations don’t show well the polka-dot pattern that covers the entire band of this special, limited edition wrist watch.
g-shock_gd-x6900sp-1 supra collaboration stevie williams 2015 special limited edition
Being a footwear manufacturer, it is no surprise that Supra is co-marketing shoes with the same pattern.
g-shock_gd-x6900sp-1_2015 supra shoes x g-shock collaboration
gd-x6900sp-1_g-shock 2015 supra tie in collaboration x dots 2015
The back cover is co-branded and the packaging is fashioned with the dot pattern and Supra/G-shock brands. This watch may become collectible. It was released in several markets in August 2015 at Yen 19,000.

g-shock_gd-x6900mc_2015 camo camouflage jungle military clinton trump joke of the day
GD-X6900MC “Camouflage Series” G-Shock
Yet another camo design emerges, just when you though you had your fill of Duck Dynasty, in a few colorways to perhaps fill a hole in your (military themed part of) wardrobe that you may have overlooked.

gd-x6900MC_g-shock 2015 camo camouflage white blue
gd-x6900mc-1_g-shock 2015 camoflage blue gd-x6900mc-3_g-shock 2015 fashion camo green tan

g-shock_gd-x6900mc-3 2015

Sometimes the pictures’ color is way off.

gd-x6900mc-5_g-shock, 2015 camo camouflage tan green light presidential nominationgd-x6900mc-7_g-shock camouflage white grey gray fashion boyfriend trump
This watch will appeal to those who like really big plastic watches and who particularly like the pattern on the band, bezel, and dial. If you like it, you love it. If you don’t, it looks even dumber than Capri pants. These watches will be available soon at ShopCasio.com for $150 and the big shopping sites for around $130.
gd-x6900ht-1_g-shock_2015 heathered series watch green
GD-S6900HT Heathered Color Series
As is the case with a lot of the entry-level fashion G-Shocks, the pattern and colorway are stretched almost seamlessly from end to end of the band, right through the bezel and dial.

gd-x6900ht-9_g-shock yellow 2015 heatheredgd-x6900ht-8_g-shock gray grey heathered 2015
gd-x6900ht-7_g-shock white and grey gray heathered 20152015 fashion gd-x6900ht-3_g-shock heathered greenheathered 2015 fashion watch gd-x6900ht-2_g-shockfashion heathered pattern black 2015 gd-x6900ht-1_g-shock
In the case of the Heathered models, the finish is fabric-like, somewhat soft in presentation but on some models possess quite vivid colors. For those who color key their outfits to perfection, this series provides numerous co-ordination possibilities. Shipped earlier this year, this series is available for some fairly good prices (MSRP Yen 17,000).
g-shock_GD-X6900pm-1 polarized marble 2015
GD-X6900PM-1 G-Shock Polarized Marble Series
“From the tough and rugged G-SHOCK lineup comes a collection of a new model that apply new print technology to create an innovative design motif,” says the blurb by Casio. This is a limited edition – collector’s alert! As a particularly dramatic artistic colorway this series also includes 5600 and GA110 versions to consider for your collection.
2015 limited edition special black collectible gd-x6900pm-1_g-shock
The case and band are decorated with a marbled pattern using a new polarizing printing process that shows a different view depending on the viewing angle. The result is an ever-changing look that is both dynamic and plenty of fun. (released February 2015 internationally)
2015 g-shock_dw6900ac-2 red white and blue all american watch
DW6900AC-2 Red, White and Blue
This watch is included as part of this roundup for no particular reason (other than SEO). If you like it, whop-de-do – gogetcha one for around $80. If you have bought one, leave us a comment or a picture of you wearing it. dw6900ac-2_g-shock_2015
dw6900ac-2_back_g-shock back view rear red white blue vote democrat
GD-x6900tc-5 GD-x6900tc-8,gd-x6900ht-1 gd-x6900ht-2 gd-x6900ht-3 gd-x6900ht-7 gd-x6900ht-8 gd-x6900ht-9, gd-x6900sp-1, gd-x6900mc-3 gd-x6900mc-1 gd-x6900mc-5 gd-x6900mc-7, gw-x6900PM-1, polarized marble, dw6900ac-2, tiger motif, g-shock watch,

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