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Initial Blue G-Shock – 30th Anniversary Limited Editions ..And a New Model

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Well, if the Rising Red watches were too colorful or youthful or plastic looking, then maybe this new series of conservative blue on black wrist watches, due out in Japan on January 25, 2013 will be more to your taste. In the mix are two Bluetooth (one each 5600 and 6900), two atomic and solar (a MudMan and a RiseMan), a good ol’ GA110 (actually GA113) and a new model, the GA303. Continue reading

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Buying G-Shock by the Pound

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Surfing the web, checking out what’s going on around the world can be so informative that I make sure at least once a day that I spend a few minutes perusing far-away web sites in the Orient, Africa, Europe, South America and even the wilds of New Jersey. And sometimes I make such startling discoveries that I am compelled to share them in one of my blogs with all my friends. Continue reading


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g-shock_awg100_awgm100 awg-m100nv- watch new 2012

So, the cool thing about the AWG G-Shocks is they are not so popular that they are ever out of stock or out of the hands of the deep discounters. As much as each of the dozens of models of G-Shocks (in general) are unique; features, layout, colorways, etc., they are the same – at first glance, you can tell it’s a G-Shock but you won’t know which one it is. The AWGs look like the ani-digi lines in general, with their black plasticky thick bumpy roundness, stubby hands, and cheesy strap, and require closer scrutiny to discern that they are, indeed, not one of the trendy new GA110s, 120s, 150s or 200s. They are the pleather of watches. Continue reading

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