GA-400 – Rotary Switch G-Shock

ga400 g-shock watch pop culture rotary switch yellow red watch

New colorways are soon to be added to the recently introduced GA-400 category: analog-digital, mostly edgy street fashion designed to appeal to those looking for a skateboard/sneakerhead ’90s style of big and extra-bold watch statement.GA-400-9B_g-shock_2014_ yellow blue watch pop japanese culture

This model, set to be released in October, 2014, features the convenience of a rotary switch that makes its operation simpler than the previous all-button G-Shock models we’ve been used to, and hints of Casio’s migration towards a more ubiquitous “smart” access control throughout their wrist watch product lines.GA-400--B_g-shock_2014 red blue yellow watches analog digital quartz

Along with the standard features on the GA models, this watch has a longer battery lifespan expectancy of three years.

ga400_backlight illumination g-shock watch

..and can be very well lit up in the dark

GA-400-4B_g-shock_2014 red gray watch rotary switch 1990s fashion

GA-400-1B_g-shock_2014 black watch rotary switch new model

Of course, there is always the black model for the conservatives

Previous colorways and a more in-depth discussion of this model are here “Japanese Pop Culture Watch”.

ga400_pop_culture ga400-1a, ga400-7a, ga-400, ga400-2a, ga400-4a, ga400-5a

Previously released


Happy G-Shock owners?

Some of the pictures above can be enlarged by clicking on them – use your back button to return to this post. We’d like to hear comments from anyone who has this model and would would welcome your pictures of it in action.

ga400-1b, ga400-9b, ga400-4b, rotary switch, g-shock watch, Japanese Pop Culture, ga400-1a, ga400-7a, ga-400, ga400-2a, ga400-4a, ga400-5a, g-shock, 2014, sports training, tekubiquity, wristwatchspot


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2 responses to “GA-400 – Rotary Switch G-Shock

  1. Calvin

    How much is ga400 1b. I’m from Malaysia

  2. wendel

    How much is ga-400-4b? How to order? Im frm the philippines. Cash on delivery?

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