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Pro Trek – Affordable New Hi-Tech

PRG-300_pro_trek_2015 new
The Pro Trek PRG-300 Series
PRG-300-1A2, positive display, black with blue accents
PRG-300-1A2_protrek_2015 wrist watch casio black white
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Red Bull Round-Up 2015

edifice, red bull, wrist watch, rose gold, 2015, Daniil Kvyat, Daniel Ricardo

Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricardo weathered to perfection their Formula One race in Hungary; finished second and third place. It brought the first podium of the 2015 season for the new Red Bull driving team.

efr542rbm-1a_eqb510rbm-1a, wrist watch 2015 racing team red bull infiniti

Lately, Casio has been introducing some very nice wrist gear with plenty of models from which to choose – at reasonable, affordable prices. And, each time Casio developes new tech feature-sets in their other watch lines, they figure a way to incorporate useful conservative elements of them in the new Edifice products. Continue reading

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G-SHOCK 6900 Series Round-Up 2015

g-shock_6900_2015 gd-x6900ht, gd-x6900tc, heather, camouflage,
All but one of the watches below is GD-X6900 which is slightly more expensive than the standard DW6900. The GD-Xs are wider, thicker, and feature 10 year battery life, full auto calendar (to 2099), flash and buzzer alerts,and the handy auto “Super Illuminator.” Otherwise they are G-Shock through and through with the durability, dependability, all resin band and case, accuracy, alarms, and timer as you would expect from them. Continue reading

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G-Shock 5600 Series Round-Up 2015

g-shock_5600_2015, casio slash heather floral surf skate

Since 1985, Casio has continuously produced the 5600 series products, over the years making minor improvements and expanding the features and colorway selections. Continue reading

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G-Shock GA110 Round-Up 2015

GA-110GD-9B_g-shock, 2015,gold,

G-Shock has an ongoing bread-winner with the GA110 series watches. It’s popularity comes from a number of factors, the most salient being low price, rich digital features, a big bold size, hybrid analog-digital timekeeping, a distinctive non-symmetrical face layout, and dozens of attractive color and pattern selections.
For the first half of 2015, Casio released the GA110 watches described below. Affordably priced between $120 and $150, they are a solid value. Continue reading

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