ProTrek PRW-5100YT-1CJF & PRW-2500YT-1JF

prw-5100yt-1c_prw-2500yt-1 new watch price 2012
Casio’s October, 2012 product releases include two new colorways for best selling ProTreks: PRW-5100YT-1CJF and PRW-2500YT-1JF.

Their pitch includes the phrase (auto-translated from Japanese) “..face to eliminate unnecessary color, while designed in monotone,” which to this writer indicates that they are offering an alternative to the usually busy, text packed look of these upscale high-tech gadgety pieces.
protrek_prw-2500yt-1jf_2012 casio new watch price japan
And indeed, these watches are slightly less cluttered looking. It’s not that they left any of the text off, but played it all down some by using less contrast in the paint on black plastic color scheme.
protrek prw-5100yt-1c 2012 casio new watch price compare
It is a good look and this blog commends them for paying attention to the blogs and forums wherein users often are critical of Casio’s use of text to “fluff up” their designs. Use of titanium (black IP) bracelets and coated sapphire crystals distinguish these models as top-of-the-line in both the analog (with digital window) and full digital product tiers.
These Japanese domestic market models are being released right away. Prices are: 76,000 yen for the PRW-2500YT-1 and 90,000 yen for the PRW5100YT-1C. For more information about the specifications, click the links below.

protrek_prw-2500yt prw5100yt 2012 new watch watches price compare

manaslu_protrek_prx-7000t flagship top of the line

Hot Deal – Pathfinder Close-Out
pag80-1v casio pathfinder close-out deal price
If you want a beater that has all the features of a ProTrek, you may want to consider the PAG80-1V. The Pathfinder branded watches have been bubbling to the surface with some very attractive pricing – this one is only $125. It has all the killer features (except atomic timekeeping) including solar recharging so you don’t have to worry about buying it with a dead battery in the box. And, it’s considered new – so you get the full factory one-year warranty with it.pag80-1v pathfinder casio protrek

UPDATE – Novenber 29, 2012 – the PAG80 is down to $110 and the PAG240-1 model has been spotted for as low as $160. At this price it has been selling like crazy at The extra benefits for the $50 are negligible except it’s a better looking watch and has a bi-directional moving bezel (for the compass function). pag240_pathfinder_protrek beater sale discount best buy


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