Navy Blue “Military Fashion”

navy_blue_g-shock_2012 watch price AWG-M100NV-2A GW-M5610NV-2 GW-7900NV-2 GW-8900NV-2
So, you’re thinking, “jeez, a Navy watch line? Who’s in the Navy?” I can think of plenty of reasons why “navy blue” is the correct color, even for all of us non-military people.
navy-blue_g-shock_2012 gw5610nv-2 gw7900nv-2 gw8900nv-2 awgm100nv-2aFirst and foremost, it’s a great alternative to military black, military green, and military gray – all dull and overused. This new series of watches, flat finish blue case and strap with black dials is happily free of all the glaring indicia that crowds most G-Shocks, giving us a clean conservative look that is completely free of the cluttered street fashion labeling to which we’ve become accustomed. These watches can be worn by anyone needing a lot of useful features in a serious format and for a reasonable price. For this blogger there is not a better match than one of these watches to my new pea coat and navy camo shirt.
awgm100nv-2a navy blue g-shock new watch 2012 price military
Analog watch with digital sub-dials. Powered by “tough solar” and self-setting time via “atomic” radio. With full auto-calendar including DST, 12/24 hour display, world time. Back-light (LED amber) illumination is automatic and has afterglow. There are five alarms, countdown timer and stopwatch function accurate to 1/100 second and includes split. A special feature on this watch is the ability to command, by pressing a side button, the hands to retract to allow full view of the sub-dials. This watch launches in October in Japan – price 26,250 yen.
gw5610nv-2 navy blue g-shock new watch 2012 price military
All digital in the classic 5600 style. Price 22,050 yen.
gw7900nv-2 navy blue g-shock new watch 2012 price military
All digital in the 7900 style. As above and also tide graph with moon data. Also front button for EL backlight Price 24,150 yen. (size mm 52 x 50 x 18)
gw8900nv-2 navy blue g-shock new watch 2012 price military
All digital in the large 8900 style. As above (without tide /moon info), Front-button back-light is white LED. Price 24,150 yen (size mm 55 x 52 x 16)

If you are attracted to the blue but none of the NV series flips your switch, there are previous G-Shocks that use the color.
g7600-2v_blue_g-shock The G7600-2V is way-cool and quite collectible.
dw6900hm-2a_g-shock 2012 price new watch The DW6900HM-2A is available for around $100.


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