Seiko “Baby Monster” SNZF49 — Midnight Madness Sale — $96

snzf45 seiko baby monster sale bargain budget orange
Available from for only $95.30 (including shipping). This new (mid-2011) well appointed Seiko SNZF49K1 dive watch is often referred to as the Baby Monster because it looks a lot like the extremely popular Seiko “Orange Monster.” It is actually the same size as the Monster, has the same generous lume and comes with a nearly identical bracelet (without diver extension). Inside is the highly respected Seiko 23-jewel 7S36B self-winding movement which is viewable via an exhibition case back. The inward sloping bezel minimizes surface scratches by shielding the crystal. I think the Seiko people intended this mock-monster model for people that want the look and feel (and prestige) of the classic monster, but don’t need the actual ability to take it in deep water. Sort of a poser watch.

snzf45 baby orange monster seiko deal sale bargain budget best buy watch diver style fashion

The overall appearance of this watch is “chunky.”

Movement: Seiko 23-jewel 7S36B Automatic (self-winding)
Features: Day, date, unidirectional clicking bezel, three hands
Case: Brushed stainless steel, 43mm x 13mm thick.
Back: Exhibition screw-in back
Crystal: Hardlex Mineral
Band: Stainless steel bracelet, push-button three fold
Water Resistant: 100 meters
Warranty: 2 Years
seiko_baby_monster night vision

Bright enough to help you find your keys

WatchReport gives us a very detailed video review (of the white version) that is brutaly critical of the watch. As hard on the product as they are, the watch still shines out as one of the best buys on the market.

At $96 this is a hard deal to pass up. Warning: the price is subject to go back up to the $139 price range any minute.. Pretend this is a midnight madness sale.

UPDATE September 25, 2012 – I just checked the best deal on-line and see that $118 ($124 with shipping) is today’s prevailing value.. worth every cent.

black_orange_monster.jpg seiko watch 2012 best buy legendary legend diver


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