Kids’ Cell Phone with Parental GPS Tracking – Chinavasion CVXO-M289

child tracking gps phone watch chinavasion
Kids’ Cell Phone with Parental GPS Tracking – Chinavasion CVXO-M289

While it’s the policy of this blog not to delve into or report about products that are Chinese AND are not distributed, serviced, or suported in the USA, this one product wants to be brought to the attention of protective doting parents everywhere. Why? because it’s such a good idea.
find your child kid tracking gps phone watch
The watch itself is pure utility straightforward, almost single-mindedly – strap a tracker onto your kid’s wrist and make them want to keep it by including full cell phone and audio media playback functionality. Packaged in an ugly hocky-puck-like rugged bluetooth enabled wrist watch, the device replaces pocket phones and music players.
lo-jack kid tracker cell phone wrist watchkid tracker gps sos cell phone gps wrist watch find child
But at the heart of it, this is a product that is beyond clever for those who have the need for people tracking. It will report on demand to a guardian phone it’s whereabouts and in the reverse, it will allow the wearer to send an SOS to the guardian.
child finding kid tracking gps cell phone wrist watch
A few bloggers have reported about this gadget as the ultimate kid lo-jack and joke that it is invasive monitoring at it’s finest. This blogger’s take on it is not so humorous – there are lot’s of people that would benefit from this device besides wayward teenagers and helicopter parents: Alzheimer sufferers, the mentally challanged, and military and law-keeping personel in unfamiliar or dangerous places are a few examples that come to mind. And, there have been times in my past when I could have used one of these myself; to let my wife know from which tavern she could have retrieved me.

Anyway.. for only $80 it’s a great value, a true problem solver and a generally nifty gadget.

Go to Chinavasion for more information, pictures and exact specifications.



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4 responses to “Kids’ Cell Phone with Parental GPS Tracking – Chinavasion CVXO-M289

  1. dan

    GPS location sent to parents phone is in Chinese? Don’t think it’s a GPS coordinate. This is the SMS message sent. Can someone please translate? 获得地址信息失败 . Phone part works but why pay for sms/gprs service if that part doesn’t?

  2. Jone

    Can get a SIM card from any moble phone provider, and you must save the Guardian phone #’s in the SIM Card before loading the SIM card into the Watch….so far as to GPS, it is only giving you a text reply to a Chinese mapping company and all in chinese GOOD RUCK!!, so far the phone works good, but GPS is totally NOT working, thought it would have worked with google maps or something.

  3. Hi, I just bought this from Chinavasion and i am frustrated on how to make this work; I know I will need to buy a SIM card and SD card. Bought a SD card from Walmart today, but for SIM, I do not know where can I buy a SIM from?

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