New Red Bull X Edifice EQW-A1100RB & EQS-A500RB

eqs-a500rb_eqw-a1100rb red bull edifice casio webber vettel


Being anticipated as a highly desired collectible, this new special edition Casio Edifice watch is already begun (pre-order) sales at about $400 over it’s $800 MSRP in Japan.
eqw-a1100rb_red-bull_edifice webber vettel casio 2012 new watcheqw-a1100rb_red_bull_edifice package display webber vettel casio new 2012
In it’s non-collaborative versions (EQW-A1110D[or DB or DC]-1AJF) it is being sold for $650 to $750 by a number of Japanese vendors (and has been announced that this series will be available in some European marketplaces soon).
A helpful video guide on the Casio international site explains most of the special technology and unique operation of this watch at:

And, the Casio operation manual in PDF

Jason at gives us some details about the watch and shows us how straightforward it’s smart access feature has made it’s operation.

Announced on September 7, 2012 in a Japanese Casio press release, the new Red Bull X Edifice collaboration watch has cropped up in the UK and is being made available now for about $500. This model has the familiar RB colorway, ie. stainless bracelet, IP tachymeter bezel, black dial with white indicia, blue and red highlights and the Red Bull racing logo at 9:00. And as we have seen with all the RB special editions, the watch is packaged in a special box with stands for displaying the watch and photographs of the Red Bull Racing team’s drivers and RB8 Formula One™ car.
The Smart Access electronic crown switch (pull and turn) allows smooth access to the watches special features: up to ten lap-times can be recorded, fastest lap-time displayed and world time.eqs-a500rb_edifice_red_bull.casio webber vettel new 2012 watcheqs-a500rb_edifice-red_bull webber new 2012 casio vettel watcheqs-a500rb_edifice_red-bull vettel webber casio new watch 2012

red_bull_edifice_eqs-a500rb webber vettel casio new 2012 watcheqw-a1100rb_edifice_red_bull casio webber vettel new 2012 watchThis blog recommends the EQS-A500RB on the basis of it’s being a well appointed watch at a more than reasonable price and the possibility that the value (as a collectible limited edition) will accrue over time. It has all the contemporary features that are expected, especially solar recharging and atomic-radio timekeeping,

UPDATE: November 14, 2012
Casio has announced the release of an American packaged version of this watch at $450 MSRP. EQSA500RB-1A

vettel_webber_red_bull edifice casio new watch


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2 responses to “New Red Bull X Edifice EQW-A1100RB & EQS-A500RB

  1. john mathew

    Hello I am very keen on buying EQW-A1100RB-1AJR and would like to know a bit more details of the watch and its functions and the various inside the dial functions. Appreciate if you could provide me with a detailed specs and functions of the watch

  2. carlo

    How many EQS-A500RB-1AVER Casio watches were made…?

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