Rose Gold Edifice – EQWM1100CG-1, EQS500CG-1A, and EFR516PG-1AV

edifice_black_rose_gold EQWM1100CG-1 EQS500CG-1A EFR516PG-1AV
In what is sort of a reverse announcement, the new Edifice “Black Label Collection” Rose Gold series watches unexpectedly appeared among the USA press releases without previously being announced in Japan. We who follow the watchmaker’s news and try to make sense of it all are again tossed into the mystery meandering vortex of Casio’s vigorous marketing, are again shaking our heads and saying, “go figure.”

This new series is a handsome group which follows the recent unleashing of a series of mid-range ani-digi Japanese G-Shocks that are also adorned with rose gold highlights. Perhaps Casio has been watching other manufacturers such as Fossil, Armitron, TW, and Skagan experience some success with this non-gold gold finish. Certainly, if you have been to any of the big-box jewelry departments recently, you might have noticed a much higher percentage of rose gold plated products in their cases.
eqw-m1100cg-1a edifice casio rose gold new 2012 watch
This model has been around for a couple of years and in it’s original form, (black with green hhighlights) is their best selling model. This new version is being released with a resin band. It is rich with features, ie, world time, daily alarm, 1/1000 stopwatch, perpetual calendar, and is distinguished by it’s “atomic” radio timekeeping and “tough solar” recharging. It will be sold retail for $450 and is expected to be shipped in October 2012.

eqs-500cg-1a_edifice_casio new 2012 watch rose gold
This watch is also a new colorway on an older model that has been a top seller for Casio. It includes solar recharging but does not have the “atomic” feature. Otherwise it is well appointed with resin band, beeper alarm, world time, 1/100 stopwatch, day and date display, auto calendar, and 12/24 hour formats. The retail price is $330.

efr-516pg-5av_edifice_casio rose gold new 2012 watch
A more recent model, this version is more basic (sans atomic or solar) including 1/20 stopwatch, date, 12/24 hour format, and resin band. The retail price is $200.

About Edifice:
Edifice watches are Japanese quartz and are three hand analog. The line (in the US) spans in price from just over $100 to just under $800 with the bulk of their models in the $180 to $380 range. At the minimal level the watches include a date window – at the top they include “atomic” timekeeping, solar recharging, “tough” movement, alarms, timers, perpetual calendars, world time, etc. The line is well regarded by watch enthusiasts because of the better than average build quality (fit and finish and reliability) and intricatly designed dial layouts that are interesting, balanced, and easy to read. Descriptions in reviews usually include the words: sophisticated, elegant and stylish. Ease of operation has recently been moved to the front of their pitch with the introduction of “smart access.” Casio is very technology-centric, striving toward a reputation of industry-best accuracy and dependability.

As Casio (who seems never to be at a loss for punchy words and motivating phrases) puts it:
..the watch for smart men who value the moment. SPEED & INTELLIGENCE – ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – DYNAMIC DESIGN
A chronograph that has evolved in pursuit of speed. A cool metal body with confident texturing, and a striking face design with superior visibility. Styling so bold it impacts the style of those who wear it.

rose gold edifice eqwm1100cg watch casio

EFR-534BKG-1AV_edifice_2014 casio watch Not officially a member of the above rose-gold group, but rose gold nevertheless, the EFR-534BKG-1AV is handsome and reasonably priced (around $225 online). (added September 2014)


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6 responses to “Rose Gold Edifice – EQWM1100CG-1, EQS500CG-1A, and EFR516PG-1AV

  1. delfin t. garcia

    This watch is perfect for my choice, waterproof, shockproof, no battery replacement accurate wity many different time zones link with satellite. The design is stunningly beautiful, design flexible inside an executive office , yet with the character of outdoor activities,shockproof, waterproof, reasonably priced! You won’t be look down wearing this, look so expensive but reasonably priced, just perfect!

  2. James Belter

    Please advise how or where to order the EQWM1100CG-1 from Thailand!

  3. (requiredDAVID


  4. James Belter

    I’m interested in aquiring a EQWM1100CG-1. I live in Sarasota, Florida.

  5. I like the EQWM1100CG-1 model except that the band looks like plastic…I had a blood pressure item from Casio and the band died in 2 years. Hope they improve on this…but the look is the best. My son has Invicta but i like this one…

  6. Tony

    Nice review. Great looking watches. I’d like to buy a EQS500CG-1A, but can’t find it on the web. Any idea where you can buy one?

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