Rose Gold Analog G-Shock – GAC100RG-7A

gac100rg-7a ga110rg-1 ga110rg-7 ga200rg rose gold g-shock casio watch 2012
Casio’s twists and turns in style, mechanics and distribution are enough to make a blogger dizzy. The new GAC-100RG in white and rose gold is anomolous in the bigger scheme – all analog, a technological back step with three subdials, a large second hand, a screw down crown, and an old-fashioned (circular disk) date window and this writer wonders, “where did this come from?”
gac100rg-7a rose gold g-shock casio new 2012 price
Interest (judging by the metrics of this blog) in this series is very low. The format may lend itself well to future special and limited edition collaborative releases (where features and benefits usually take a back seat to colorways, size, and celebatory involvement). But perhaps the introduction of the rose gold colorway will breath a higher degree of attention to the series.

ga110rg-1a_rose_gold g-shock watch 2012
ga110rg-7a_rose_gold g-shock casio 2012 watch
ga200rg-1a_rose_gold1 g-shock watch 2012 new price

It (GAC110RG-7) is priced at 19,000 yen in it’s Japanese iteration (around $240 USD), but is expected (as is typical) to be much less expensive if/when it is released into other marketplaces.

rose_gold_g-shock_2012 information price new watches

gac100_g-shock_new_2012 watch price analog

Thanks to for this wonderful video of the Rose Gold G-Shock in white.



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3 responses to “Rose Gold Analog G-Shock – GAC100RG-7A

  1. Kay

    I love the watch, but dont like the band, would love a ceramic band and clip. But love the watch face.
    I have been looking for a Rose Gold and White Baby G watch. Was so excited when I saw this, but the band is the only thing I dont like.

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