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EDIFICE – Coming Fall 2014

eqb500D-1a_edifice_2014_neweqb500D-1a_edifice_2014 new smart bluetoothCasio has been implementing the Bluetooth Smart protocol which is a subset of Bluetooth SIG specification version 4.0 in all their smartphone compatible watches: and again, now, in their newest Edifice watches: EWB-500D-1AJF and the EWB-500DC-1AJF. What’s important about this Bluetooth implementation is Casio’s complete commitment to a specific local wireless spec that mandates by definition, compatibility with iOS, Android, Blackberry and even Windows 8. To this blogger, it is welcome news that a continuing affirmation of specific direction is re-declared and that continuity in the open standard is embraced. Instead of the former tangle of issues, both hardware and software-wise, app writers simply have to write the app! For now, an app called “CASIO WATCH+ Version 2.0.1” which was just released this week (September 3, 2014) will set up your iPhone to use all the watch’s features.eqb500D-1a_edifice_2014 bluetooth new smartphone Continue reading


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The No Operating System Watch —— G-Shock GBA-400

gba400_g-shock_smartwatch gba-400-1a gba-400-2a gba-400-4a gba-400-1a9 Other reviewers have praised Casio for the simplicity and ease of operation of the latest Bluetooth watch to carry G-Shock branding: GBA-400. Staying true to their legacy trade, the G-Shock people, smartly doing what they do best, have designed the product with incredible shock, wear, and water resistance. casio g-shock smart phone g'mix app gba-400They stuffed in a load of features but managed to avoid an operating system. These watches control a few of the important operations of a smartphone, providing music remote control and telephony notifications. And that is it – no camera, microphone or gesturing an Android game. It would be a huge stretch to call them smartwatches. Compared to whiz-bang Apple, Sony, LG, Samsung, Motorola, et al, the GBA-400 comes off looking only slightly smarter than an oily canvas sack of cotter pins. Continue reading

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Citizen Proximity Watch for iPhone AT7030-05E & AT7035-01E

citizen proximity smartphone AT7030-05E, AT7035-01E
“You Got Mail”
Taking a strictly analog dial into the digital world of smartphone remote management has its shortcomings. This new series of watches from Citizen will tell you that there is activity, ie, incoming call, email, or appointment, but it does not tell you what it is – you’ll have to pull out the phone to see if you want to screen the call, read the message or figure out which meeting you’re going to blow off. Preservation of the precious non-digital aesthetic has a price. Continue reading

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Casio Smartphone G’zOne Type-L

casio_gzone_type-l_baby iron man android 2012 tough cool smart
Casio, marketing the line as G’zOne, has been at this for a dozen years now, offering ruggedized basic phones with such butch model names as Boulder, Rock, Brigade and Commando. Continue reading


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Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

apple iphone 5 plan vs. samsung galaxy s 3This post covers pros and cons of the new iPhone, comparison of the Samsung GS3 to the iPhone and a list of watches that will work with these phones. Continue reading

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G-Shock for Apple iPhone 4S – Announced – GB-5600AA & GB-6900AA

gb-5600aa_gb-6900aa_iphone 4s 5 apple g-shock bluetooth smart watch
Compatability with the Apple 4S iOS 5.1.1 is the most important new element in Casio’s run at the worldwide “smart watch” market. (Their first product, announced almost a year ago, the GB6900, was limited to MEDIAS phones, and therefore irrelevant to all but the Japanese market.) Now, hitching their wagon to the immensly successful iPhone, with it’s upscale, techno-savvy owner-base, is a strong play. and the timing, considering that the Apple iPhone 5 is about to be unleashed, is brilliant. Continue reading

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Pebble-iciously smart

pebble_bluetooth watch smartwatch smart
Other than a few comments, I’ll leave the description of product to the company spokesman.
Continue reading

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Bluetooth G-Shock – March Release

bluetooth_g-shock gb6900-1 -4 -7
After multiple concept versions, press releases, and trade show sneak peeks, Casio is finally going to ship their Bluetooth watch in the Japanese market. Continue reading

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Sony SmartWatch 2012 CES

Sony SmartWatch 2012
Here is a new watch, soon to hit the market, that will give you the features you really wanted on your wrist. Once you have checked out the video, I suspect you’ll be as excited as I am. Continue reading

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