Alien G-Shocks

awr-m100-1a awr-m100a-1a awr-m100b-1a awr-m100a-3a g-shock_2012Casio knows their various markets around the world and adjusts the product lines accordingly. For the Asian arena, they offer a much wider variety of standard Casio and Edifice watches.

A few months back, this blog reported the release of ani-digi “Gravity Defier” watches, similar to the Japanese release, but without the Multi-band-6 feature. Similarly, the following watches are less expensive versions of the Japanese AWG-M100 models.
WR-M100-1A_g-shock new 2012
AWR-M100A-1A_g-shock new 2012
AWR-M100A-3A_g-shock new 2012
AWR-M100B-1A_g-shock new 2012
In addition to the usual array of features, these (Asian release) watches sport “Tough Solar” recharging, auto LED illumination with “Neobrite” and a feature that we have only been seeing on more expensive watches; the ability to be told (by simply holding down a button for two seconds) to move the hands out of the view of the digital read-outs. Also of note is the 60 hour, first and second place capable stopwatch. And, while others may take it for granted, this blogger finds it astounding that a battery charge on these watches can last up to 18 months. Cosmetics are the only difference between these watches. AWR-M100-1A is the classic silver-tone stainless bezel with positive LCDs and black resin band: AWR-M100A-1A is a blued stainless bezel with negative display: AWG-M100A-3A has all military green resin parts with gold-tone bezel and highlights and some orange markings: AWG-M199B-1A is the stealth model with black IP bezel, black markings and reverse displays – the hands are white lume



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3 responses to “Alien G-Shocks

  1. Joan

    How can I order the G Shock Watches? Please reply. Thx

  2. Cameron

    I want to get it from an ‘official’ website too so I don’t get done with a fake.

  3. Cameron


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