Easy Breezy Colors – New G-Shocks 2012

breezy_colors_g-shock, april 2012, ga110sn g001sn
G-Shock is releasing some new GA110s and a new Jason in April 2012 in Japan in a series of (bluish – whitish) pastel colorways.

Click on any picture to enlarge – use your back button to return to this post.

GA-110SN-3A_g-shock april 2012 breezy colors ga110sn-3a

GA110SN-3A Breezy Colors G-Shock, 15,000 Yen

GA-110SN-7AJF_g-shock ga110sn april 2012 breezy colors

Breezy Colors G-Shock GA-110SN-7A, 15,000 Yen

Breezy Colors G-Shock G-001SN-2, april 2012, Japan

Breezy Colors G-Shock G-001SN-2, 13,000 Yen

and here’s the bizarre mismatch..

DW5600SN-1_g-shock april 2012

DW5600SN-1 G-Shock April 2012, 11,000 Yen

Thanks to watchtanaka.com we get a close look at the new Breezy Color Jason

Watchtanaka.com has posted a video of the new white with blue highlights GA110

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